‘Snow day’ in the UK….

Last week the UK was hit by a thunderous snow storm that caused all sorts of disruption to the country. Schools were shut, deliveries delayed and there was more train disruption meaning commuters could not get to work….. 

You really would have thought that we had had blizzard and snow drift conditions in London and the South East that resulted in our son, Max, having a snow day at home. (It was worse in other parts of the country).

Anyway, you may know that skiing is a particular passion of mine, so having a snow day with Max provided an ideal opportunity to get my ‘skiing’ legs back, and ready, for skiing later in the season.

If you have had the chance to watch any of the skifit yoga videos you will know that I concentrate on strengthening quads and core whilst emphasising the importance of maintaining a good balance….

So – it would appear that I am not quite mastering all of the focus areas – particularly the balancing part. However, to be fair – I am trying to surf on a plastic sledge.

Enjoy the video and have a great weekend. 

OK – so there isn’t much snow at all…..I really wonder how the UK would survive, if a serious snow storm did arrive.

If you want to view some of the ski fit videos click here. Hopefully they will help you in your preparation for a skiing holiday and also loosen you up after a fun day on the slopes.

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