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Yoga for Runners

We have certainly found that combining regular yoga and running has helped us stay fit and healthy and perhaps most importantly injury free over the years. As yoga teachers, our online yoga classes have been created with runners in mind. 

No experience necessary, our package for runners has been tailored to meet your needs and offers yoga for beginners. For those wanting to supplement training with yoga stretching, our classes are ‘open’ so are appropriate for beginners and more experienced yogis alike.

Providing an online yoga course allows you to fit in your stretches around your training – whether you are a competitive club runner, looking to complete a challenge or to keep active and fit as well as injury free. Hopefully our programme will help you integrate a yoga routine into your weekly training schedule.

Yoga Stretches

Time is precious and training for your next race or event can be time consuming. Our online yoga course for runners offers 25 yoga videos (over 10 class hours) online. 

The classes focus on stretches for runners within core muscle groups; building a stronger core, ankles and feet whilst also bringing  greater strength and flexibility to the glutes, releasing tight hip flexors, quads, calves and hamstrings. With improved range of motion, the releasing of tight muscles, we hope you will benefit from running more easily and injury free – with sports such as running it is not uncommon to pick up overuse injuries due to the repetitive nature of the activity.

Runners participating in longer distance events, from 5-10km to half, full and ultra marathons can all benefit from a selection of the best yoga videos. For example, trail runners would benefit from a focus on balance and core strength to help proprioception as they run over uneven ground.

Why not start your yoga practice at home today?

Introduction To Our Yoga For Runners Package

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Benefits of Yoga For Runners 

  • Strengthen and stretch yoga works out the whole body
  • Improved core strength for better posture and efficiency
  • Enhance flexibility and range of movement
  • Protect your lower back from the constant impact through the legs
  • Improve concentration – more focus, less stress
  • Focus on maintaining steady and regular breathing
  • Assist muscle recovery by releasing soreness, tight spots and tension in the muscles
  • Injury prevention
  • Yoga poses after running can ease potential stiffness and soreness

Our runners yoga course for includes 

  • Vinyasa flow yoga and Yin yoga classes
  • 40 videos comprised of
    • 10 short videos (great for pre and post run!)
    • 6 x 30 minute videos
    • 6 x 1 hour videos
    • 3 x 1 hour yin yoga
    • 10 pose tutorials 
  • Pre and post run yoga sequences to stretch the body out
  • Strength videos to target the muscles needed for running
  • Yoga classes range from 5 – 60 minutes

The selection of online yoga classes are led by either Tim or Shannon, helping to show the benefits that yoga can have for both men and women as well as physcial and mental.


Some short yoga sequences for runners

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Yoga for Runners Package

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