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Skiing Holidays –
Why the 2021/22 ski season will be amazing

Ski Holidays – a highlight of the year

Due to the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, passionate skiers from the UK have lost almost 1 1/2 ski seasons. It doesn’t matter if you are new to skiing or snowboarding or have been skiing for seasons – once you have the skiing itch, you have it, and you start looking to your next skiing holiday in mid July.

Whilst its been tough for skiers and snowboarders, it’s been equally tough for the ski resorts across Europe with skiers from UK and abroad not being able to visit.

As the lockdowns ease, vacination programmers gain momentum and travel restrictions are scaled back, Shannon and I are beginning to hope that we will be able to make it out to several French Ski resorts such as Meribel and Tignes and who know make it over to one or two italian ski resorts if we are lucky.

Keeping a positve and optimistic mindset, I’ve jotted down a few reasons why the 2021/2 ski season will be awesome.

12 reasons 2021/2 Ski Season will be the best ever

  1. Distance (or time) makes the heart grow fonder…as the saying goes
  2. Any time on the snow will not be taken for granted anymore
  3. Getting back in the mountains will be like meeting up with an old friend
  4. We’ll appreciate the whole skiing or snowboarding experience that much more
  5. We’ve missed the mountain blue skies and sun  
  6. Obviously we have made the most of the extra time to recover from any skiing niggles or injuries
  7. We all need new skiing stories to tell!
  8. Instagram has been showing us what we have missed out on over the last 18 months
  9. We’ve missed the freshly groomed pistes
  10. There’s been no apres ski for 18 months
  11. We’ve had longer than normal to improve our ski fitness
  12. We are going to make the most of it!

Free yoga videos online

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the ski season ahead.

It’s also easy to make excuses not get started on a project.

If you have 5 minutes, you have time to start getting ready with our short online yoga videos that have been created specifically with getting ready for skiing in mind. The short yoga sequence brings together a combination of yoga poses that you could do when you finally get to  aski resort as either a pre or post skiing yoga stretch.


Ski Fitness Online Yoga Course

At YogaTonic UK we are certainly no different and will be making sure we are going to savour every moment we have in the mountains….that’s why we think that people will be wanting to get SkiFit for the forthcoming ski (or snowboard) season – whether you are heading to a ski resort for a week of skiing with the family or a cheeky long weekend with friends.
We want to make the most of our time in the mountains, and hope you do too.
Our SkiFit package will help you make the most of the time in the mountains with
  • Unlimited access to all the yoga classes and HIIT workouts
  • Over 40 Online classes
  • Classes range from 5-60 minutes
  • Pre and post skiing yoga stretches
  • Vinyasa flow classes to build flexibility and balance and core strength
  • Yin yoga to help hydrate the joints
  • HIIT workouts to build cardiovascular fitness
  • 5 Day Fitness Challenge workout 
  • Family SkiFit programme to enjoy yoga with kids
To make the most of your next skiing holiday our SkiFit package is only £39.99. 
Get ready for the 2021/2 Ski Season now – we have all been waiting long enough to get back into the mountains, so let’s make the most of it when we get there!
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