Yoga stretches for cyclists….(and skiers)

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Before having Max, Shannon and I were both keen triathletes, completing several Ironman events and multiple Olympic distances races. As one of the three disciplines we spent a fair amount of time on the bike cycling from London into the Surrey Hills, to Windsor or, on occasion down to Brighton. Nowadays group rides have now become a lovely way to catch up with friends rather than setting new PBs (Personal Bests).

Recently, one of our friends has asked for relevant stretches following time on the bike and the subsequent tight glutes and shoulders that have resulted.

The video below shares a few poses that will help loosen the glutes and shoulders following a ride. All the suggested poses are also relevant for skiers that may also experience similar tightness following a day on the slopes.

Who knows – a yoga practice could help prevent the soreness and become part of your regular training regime…..perhaps on your recovery day? Just a thought.

I hope you find the poses useful; whether you are a regular cyclist or enjoy the freedom a bike rides gives you; whilst not forgetting the skiers amongst you.

Let us know if the video has helped.

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