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HIIT training

Both Shannon and I have found that our yoga practice has been great to build strength, balance, and flexibility. But sometimes, we just crave a good old fashioned high intensity interval training (HIIT) session to get the heart rate up. The sessions may remind you of boot camps or gym classes back at school…

A HIIT workout tends to be no more than 30 minutes, making it easier to fit into our busy days. Working the core muscle groups such as legs, core, shoulders the aim is to build strength and endurance as part broader cardio training. 

As a Level 2 Gym Instructor, I (Tim) have enjoyed offering a different workout option to our vinyasa flow and yin yoga classes. It may be that different members of the family enjoy differing workouts. 

With various yoga classes, HIIT workouts and also our yoga for children videos we hope that there is something for everyone and that you can make the most of your monthly subscription.

Why do a HIIT workout?

Our sessions have been created so you can do a hiit workout at home.

  • It only takes 30 minutes!
  • Each class will be challenging
  • Vary your workouts with our HIIT training sessions
  • Different exercises will focus on different muscle groups
  • No equipment required
  • All exercises use your own body weight
  • You can do it anywhere
  • A bottle of water certainly advised

The most important message is – do what you can. If you want to take a rest do – Join again when you are ready.

I really enjoy the weekly HIIT workouts as it keeps me on my toes and I work hard. Hopefully, seeing me work hard will help keep you focused.

Benefits of HIIT workouts

  • Burns high amount of calories in a short time
  • Maintains a high metabolic rate after the workout – so you are still burning calories afterwards
  • They can help you lose fat
  • Has the potential to gain muscle 
  • Can reduce heart rate and blood pressure for those that are overweight and have a high blood pressure
  • Increase anaerobic threshold (ability to perform with lactic acid build up)
man doing hiit workout at home

Types of HIIT workout sessions

Listed below are just a few of the different types of classes that I have run

  • Tabata 
    • Repeat one exercise 8 times, 20s exercise, 10s repeat
    • Keep the same intensity from first to last set
    • Move to a new exercise
  • As many reps as possible
    • Continue each exercise the length of time required
  • Every Minute on the Minute
    • Complete the number of reps and rest for the remaining time
  • Varying the length of each set
  • Benchmarking
    • Returning to the same set of exercises at regular intervals
    • Track to see if the number of reps you can do in 30seconds has improved

I aim to mix up the sessions so that each sessions you will 

  • Develop stamina and endurance
  • Improve core strength
  • Work on cardiovascular fitness
  • Build muscle strength
  • Maintain mental focus

Our HIIT Training sessions

Our first HIIT workouts were created to support our ski fitness programme so that skiers could build strength and stamina as well as balance and flexibility from the yoga classes.

Whether you are looking forward to getting into the mountains or wanting to keep fit, you have plenty of choice to enjoy the cardio workout sessions. 

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

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