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Yoga stretches at your desk

What is the new ‘normal’ for work?

Who wants to go back to the office? Who wants to stay at their home office?

What does hybrid working look like for both organisations and colleagues alike?

There are a lot of mixed feelings, and questions, when trying to figure out what the future of working habits is being determined. As the easing of lockdown from Covid-19 continues, the daily working routine varies hugely between companies and individuals.

No company is the same, and similarly every employee has different needs and circumstances.

Wellbeing initiatives

Employee wellbeing is as important as ever, with colleagues spending long periods of the day at the desk on virtual calls. 

Hybrid working, working from home, fewer people in the office, zoom calls, wanting to keep the office limited to colleagues only and reduced colleague travel are all new factors that need to be considered when implementing colleague wellness initiatives.

Wellness programmes need to be inclusive for all employees, no matter their gender, age, level of fitness or location.  Colleagues need to feel comfortable taking part in a wellness programme. One of the benefits of delivering a wellbeing, yoga or desk yoga class, online is that colleagues can always turn their camera off.

Similarly, offering access to recorded classes can allow employees to benefit from the available sessions at a time that works for them.

Company wellness activities should also consider both supporting the physical and mental health of employees.  

How you ever considered offering regular yoga or desk yoga sessions for colleagues to join?

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Covid-19 lockdown has meant that 

  • 47% of people now spend the whole day (7 hour +) seated at their desk
  • 66% of people admit to sitting more at work since the pandemic


  • 90% staff believe their employer cares about their health
  • 30% respondents believe their boss ‘cares very much’ about  their health (up from 16%).

What is your organisation doing to support colleagues whilst working?

Survey stats taken from On Your Feet Annual Sitting Survey.

Have you ever thought of offering

Yoga stretches at your desk

Desk yoga for chest and hips

    • Inclusive for all employees
    • Short sessions can be included throughout the the day
    • Encourages colleagues to move
    • Helps manage stress and anxiety
    • Benefits the mental health
    • Cost effective wellness initiative

10 Benefits of keeping active with desk yoga

  • Engage all or specific muscle groups
  • Improve posture whilst working at the desk
  • Reduce, or help manage, stress and anxiety
  • Improve concentration and collaboration
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Burn calories
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Kick start your metablism
  • Better blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Sleep better

Workplace Yoga Options

Live and online yoga classes to support the wellbeing of colleagues

Desk yoga –

Live online classes

  • 15 minute desk yoga sessions
  • Learn key stretches to help with tight muscles
  • Learn breathing techniques to wake up or calm
  • Bring energy to your meetings
  • Or offer these as regular sessions at set times
  • Each class will offer different poses
  • Can do weekly / every other week / monthly
  • Free introductory desk yoga class

Desk + private yoga –

Live online classes

  • Desk yoga 15 minute sessions
  • Exclusive private class for colleagues
  • Private ‘mat’ classes between 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
  • Yoga level – all classes introduce yoga to beginners
  • Style of yoga – vinyasa flow
  • Weekly ‘mat’ classes with bi weekly desk sessions
  • Launch support with introductory email and bespoke video provided
  • Discounted quarterly agreements

Desk + private + live + recorded

online streaming access

  • 15 minute desk yoga session – AND –

  • Private ‘mat’ classes yoga classes between 30 / 45 / 60 minutes – AND –

  • Access to our online system – AND –

    • 11 weekly live streamed group classes
    • 500 yoga videos online with specialist packages

  • Style of yoga – vinyasa flow
  • Launch support with introductory email and bespoke video provided
  • Discounted quarterly agreements

Live Yoga Online

  • Exclusive live-streamed classes for the organisation on a regular basis
  • Access to join any of the 11 live weekly yoga and HIIT classes

Online Yoga Videos

  • Unlimited access to over 500 filmed classes (5-60 minutes)
  • Accessible at a time that works for the colleague and their families
  • Highly recommended for staff different shifts

Online yoga courses

Yoga for beginners  – 30 Day Yoga Challenge  –  Summer Tone Up  –  Yoga for children –  Yoga for runners  – Ski fitness yoga – HIIT at home – Desk yoga

Many home workers have back problems due to poor desk set up. We have partnered up with to provide supporters of YogaTonic UK a discount on standing desks / desk attachments. They have desks for both grown ups and kids. Both monthly subscribers and corporate subscribers can have a £50 discount on anything over £200. Please email to learn more.