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Ski Fitness

Get Ski Fit to make the most of your ski holiday

First and foremost, we are both passionate skiers and always look forward to planning our next ski trip. Shortly after starting to teach yoga, we created a specific programme of exercises to prepare for skiing.

Improving your ski fitness will make your next skiing and snowboarding holiday all the more enjoyable; no yoga experience required and great for all levels of fitness.


Ski exercises combining with fitness yoga, a HIIT workout with mindfulness will help you in the following ways:

  • Enhanced balance
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Improve core strength 
  • Enhance flexibility and range of movement
  • Strengthen quads, glutes and calves
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve concentration – more focus, less stress
  • Focus on maintaining steady and regular breathing
  • Assist muscle recovery by releasing soreness and tension in the muscles
  • Avoid injury

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

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Our unique programme includes the following (over 40 videos!)

  • Yoga for beginners – 6 x thirty minutes
  • ‘Blue’ Level yoga – 3 x thirty minute
  • ‘Red’ Level yoga – 3 x thirty minutes
  • Warm up and stretch down videos – 9 x five minutes
  • Family ski fitness – 3 x thirty minutes
  • Yoga mindfulness – 6 x five to ten minutes
  • HIIT workout – 6 x thirty minutes
  • HIIT training  – challenge 5 x five minutes

Ski Fitness Training

The selection of online yoga classes are led by either Tim or Shannon, helping to show the benefits of yoga for skiers can for both men and women.

You’ll find the classes have been tailored specifically with skiing in mind – for example, chair poses are adpated with feet shoulder width apart, rather than together in a more traditional yoga pose.

The yoga classes can be enjoyed by all levels, from beginners through to more experienced yogis. More advanced classes have been signposted with ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ gradings. We teach vinyasa flow yoga, which overlaps with power yoga and hatha yoga. There is certainly more to fitness yoga than bending the knees in a static chair pose, or squat position, for long durations. Our dynamic yoga classes will help you be ready to hit the slopes on the first run on the first day.

Included in the ski fitness programme are 6 thirty minute HIIT workout sessions focused on building strength and endurance in preparation for your ski holiday.

However long you have been skiing, it is more than likely you will challenge yourself at some point. Our yoga mindfulness classes introduce the importance of breathing and maintaining a positive mindset that will be useful when on the snow.

In the run up to each season we have also run several Ski Fitness yoga workshops that combine each of the key elements of our ski fit programme. Contact us to find out more. 

Yoga Stretches For Skiers

Below are a selection of short yoga sequences we have shared on social media and with our partners such as the Ski Club of Great Britain and Crystal Ski Holidays.

Get fit for skiing

The best ski exercises need to replicate your experience on the slopes so that you can 

  • Make the most of your day on the slopes
  • Ski harder or longer
  • Reduce the risk of getting injured
  • Keep up with friends and family
  • Enjoy the apres ski without feeling so tired!
two skiers on slope after yoga stretches

Ski Resort Articles

As part of our blog updates, we write about various aspects of skiing, such as ski resort information and other skiing tips. We have also been featured in the media as well. View SkiFit in the media.

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