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Yoga for sports

Many athletes are now adding to yoga stretches into their training programme – not only for the physical benefits but also the mental ones.

In a world where the sporting stakes are getting ever higher and athletes are looking to make marginal gains wherever they can, yoga can be an added tool in their armoury. Following a yoga class tailored to the specific needs of their sport and their own range of movement can help a sports person increase the length of their career or at least help them be less injury prone throughout their career.

All athletes, not just elite ones, can benefit from a regular yoga practice.

General Benefits of Yoga For Athletes

The benefits of yoga will vary by sport and the individual, however the list below provides an outline of some of the key benefits of doing yoga.

  • Improved efficiency in movement 
  • Enhanced range of movement
  • Helps maintain concentration
  • Build flexibility
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Better sense of balance and proprioception
  • Active recovery after matches or training

Why Do Elite Athletes Do Yoga?

Elite athletes and clubs have integrated yoga into training programmes – you may not hear the sanskrit names of yoga poses in the classes. but the yoga stretches and benefits are evident.

Cricketers and golfers require extended levels of concentration that can be enhanced by yoga and learning some of the breathing and meditation techniques.

Size isn’t everything nowadays when playing rugby. Flexibility, balance and range of movement are critical for all positions to react to the match around them.

Footballers and long distance athletes cover large distances, both in training and on match / event days. The more efficiently the athlete can move, the longer they can maintain optimal speeds. Body alignment and balance therefore become increasingly important.

Below is a list of articles outlining some of the athletes and clubs that have used yoga to support their athletes.

Online Yoga Classes For Athletes?

As keen sports people that enjoy running and skiing, we have created 2 sports specific packages for athletes of all levels to try. A third package focuses on lower back pain that can inhibit an athlete’s range of movement and efficiency.

Our programmes include

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Some of the clubs we have supported

Berkshire Tri Squad

Berkshire Tri Squad

Cookham Dean Cricket Club

Cookham Dean Cricket Club

Cardiff City Rowing Club

Cardiff City Rowing Club