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Tone Up

Did you ever think that yoga could tone and trim your body?

Yes it can!!! Yoga conditioning is dynamic yoga infused with HIIT exercises. It will help burn calories at a low impact level. We retain the yoga element by focusing on the breathing and listening to your body.


Benefits of this programme

  • No equipment needed
  • Quick results
  • Low impact fitness yoga
  • Full body workout
  • Bite sized classes (8-15 mins) – fit classes into your busy day
  • All videos strengthen your core
  • Enjoy the privacy doing these videos in your own home
  • Unlimited access videos in this package
  • Replay classes you particularly enjoy or find challenging
  • Challenge yourself to try something new
  • Get back into good habits
  • Kick start your path to losing weight and toning your body
  • Emails we send will have helpful lifestyle tips
  • Prepares you for other challenges 

What is in this package? 48 strength videos

  • 8 week training plan
  • 24 short yoga conditioning videos (8-15 minutes each): This can be used after cardio OR on a day you have little time to do yoga. 

  • 12 strength yoga videos (30 minutes each): Most people only want to do 30 minutes of online yoga at a time (ourselves included!). It’s a great habit to get into. 100% strength!

  • 12 HIIT videos (30 minutes each): We have included plyometric, Tabata, and cardio HIIT videos
  • Access to 10 minute Sun salutation videos (31 videos!)

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

My Life Tonic. 

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Summer Tone Up Programme

A variety of strength yoga and HIIT videos to choose from (48 videos plus resources)