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Corporate Yoga

Wellbeing at work

Over the last few months staff wellbeing, both mental and physical, has become a focus for companies and organisations around the country. Incorporating yoga into wellness initiatives can have the impact of helping to reduce chronic pain, lower blood pressure and improve the sleep quality of participants.

With colleagues working from home, organisations can still encourage health and wellbeing by offering a regular yoga practice online for all colleagues to access. Wherever you are based, it’s more important than ever to stay active and to reap the mental health benefits and physical benefits of regular yoga classes. As a yoga teachers, providing yoga in the workplace, it’s imperative that the classes are suitable for all levels to ensure maximium engagement.

Top tips to improve your workday

  • Move more! Try to mix up sitting and standing at your desk.
  • Hydrate often, which will also encourage you to get up from your desk.
  • Look at your desk set up. How does your back and neck feel?
  • Try standing when on calls or in meetings
  • Take time to stretch at your desk – check out our 5 videos below that will help stretch your tight muscles

Corporate yoga options


Monthly Premium subscriptions for your employees

  • Unlimited colleague access to our live and recorded yoga classes
  • Discounted monthly subscription rate for all employees
  • An ideal option for colleagues that are based over multiple time zones
  • 9 live weekly classes – 30, 45, 60 minute classes
    • Live streamed via Zoom, employees can keep screens on or off
    • Yoga Styles – vinyasa flow (strength and gentle) and yin yoga
  • Video library (500+ videos) which includes short and long videos:
  • Launch support provided to maximize engagement with colleagues internally

Private bespoke yoga classes

  • Exclusive online yoga classes for your colleagues
  • If your office is local to us, we can teach onsite, pending Covid rules
  • Duration – between 30-60 minutes
  • Yoga style – gentle vinyasa flow and desk yoga
  • Yoga level – all classes are tailored for beginners to ensure they are inclusive
  • Colleagues are welcome to turn the camera off
  • Launch support with introductory email and bespoke video provided
Yoga Class

Private desk yoga sessions online

  • This session would be online
  • This can be done at the end of a team meeting or can be a stand-alone meeting
  • Duration – between 10-15 minutes
  • Encourage your employees to stretch more at their desks
  • These poses stretch your neck, back, hips – relieving tension
  • Poses also bring grounding and balance to the workday

Contact to learn more about pricing and availability

Desk stretches

Many home workers have back problems due to poor desk set up. We have partnered up with to provide supporters of YogaTonic UK a discount on standing desks / desk attachments. They have desks for both grown ups and kids. Both monthly subscribers and corporate subscribers can have a £50 discount on anything over £200. Please email to learn more.

Companies we have helped with employee wellness


Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace 

Online yoga classes allow colleagues from around the company to stay active and to enjoy both the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. The health and wellbeing of family members of colleagues is equally important to maintain staff engagement and staff retention.

In most work environments there is a broad cross section of people working with you. The benefits of yoga for men and women are both physical and mental. Increasing flexibility is often sited as the initial reason for starting yoga, though it is both the mind and body that benefit, with office yoga also helping to contribute to reduced stress levels amongst employees.

Online yoga is great for all ages, levels of experience and fitness. 

We teach vinyasa flow yoga, as well as yin yoga; both of which provide time and tools for colleagues to practice how to clear your mind and how to improve concentration. 

From a mental health point of view yoga is useful to help manage anxiety and for stress relief. 

Encouraging colleagues to keep active through exercise, joining a corporate yoga initiative or learning a few yoga poses will all help support colleagues at this time. 

It may have been that colleagues based remotely were unable to benefit from staff wellbeing initiatives. With work habits changing, with more people working from home more regularly, now could be the time to consider providing online yoga classes to your colleagues and their families as a cost effective and inclusive part of your staff wellbeing initiative.

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

My Life Tonic. 

Book on demand videos and courses here

Find Out More About Our Corporate Yoga Classes

Contact us so that we can discuss how we can support your wellbeing at work initiative and how live yoga classes or online yoga videos can be integrated into the program.

As and when are we able to offer face to face classes we’d love to provide classes in and around yoga Maidenhead.