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Skiing 2021/2 –
6 month countdown


Skiing Holidays – are you ready?

The next ski season is only 6 months away with the ski resorts across Europe opening up in December. Surely it’s not too early to be starting to think about your next ski trip?
So the most important question is – which are the best ski resorts for you?
We’ve put ideas together of the some things you may want to think about when you are looking to book your next ski holiday.

6 Month Countdown!

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Top 10 tips for choosing a ski resort

  1. Is there reliable snow – either natural snow, man-made or glacier
  2. How big is the ski area – you don’t want to be bored…
  3. Is the ski resort right for your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
  4. Is the resort family friendly – with good ski schools and snowparks 
  5. What kind of accommodation do you want – ski chalet, hotel or self catering
  6. Do want to be close to the ski slopes so you can ski in / ski out?
  7. Is there a ski school that speaks your language?
  8. How much does the ski pass cost?
  9. Do you want there to be good apres ski?
  10. What activites are there for non skiers- such was walking, sledging or visiting the local town

Hopefully these top 10 tips will help you find a ski resort that is right for you and your group.

Why get fit for skiing?

So, you’ve booked your next ski holiday – the date is in the diary and you are looking forward to getting to the ski resort. There’s nothing like a date in the diary to focus your mind and give you that little bit more motivation.

Have you thought about improving your ski fitness so that you can

  • Ski harder or longer 
  • Reduce the risk of getting injured
  • Keep up with friends and family members
  • Enjoy your skiing more
  • Make the most of your time in the mountains
  • Enjoy the apres ski that little bit more!

Exercises to prepare for skiing

As yoga teachers, both Shannon and I are also passionate skiers. The more we have practiced yoga, the more we noticed the similarities between the two activities.

Briefly, both combine both movement (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and focus (drishti), whilst also leaving you pleasantly tired at the end of it!

That’s why we’ve also created our online yoga course for skiers to get ready for the mountains. With unlimited access to the online classes the Ski Fit package will get you ready for the mountains.

If you know someone that is particularly looking forward to the going skiing again – you could always buy them the SkiFit online yoga course as a gift. With unlimited access to the yoga classes and HIIT workouts your friend or family member will be in perfect shape by the time the skiing holiday comes around.

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