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Yoga for women

Yoga has been incredibly helpful for various stages in my life, from stressful corporate life to triathlon to pregnancy and now perimenopause. Whether you want to do yoga for stress relief or sports injury prevention, there is the right yoga class out there for you.

We welcome women and men to all of our weekly yoga classes so many of our classes are mixed. We look at yoga to improve flexibility and strength both physically and emotionally. This applies to everyone.

I do understand that some women would like a safe space to practice with just women. I plan on running workshops and collaborating with other lovely women for women’s day retreats in the future. Please get in touch if you would like me to notify you next time we do a yoga workshop or yoga day retreat.

Benefits of Yoga for Women’s Health

I am not a big fan of gender stereotyping. I know we are all human and have different personalities and needs, regardless of gender. But women’s bodies go through changes that just don’t apply to men.

Hormonal Benefits of Yoga for Women

As science proves, men can have hormone changes which I’m sure can be frustrating, as it’s not something people discuss openly. With women, there seems to be evidence of this change and depending on the person, it can range from barely noticeable to a time of depression and despair.

How can yoga help in this case?

  • Improves posture, increasing mental confidence
  • Lowers the stress hormone (cortisol), feeling calmer and happier
  • Stretches and twists can help with physical symptoms
  • Improves focus and concentration, as I know I feel hazy at certain times

How to Improve Concentration with Yoga

We lose concentration when the mind wanders. We often think of our busy to-do list or a past conversation with a friend. Yoga brings you into the present moment. Even doing basic yoga poses can focus the mind. Simple yoga breathing exercises centres the mind to improve focus. Multitasking is great for productivity, but it can take its toll on the mind.

Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

Hormonal changes can often bring attention to weight gain, which often can affect your mood. I would love to say that our strength and power yoga classes can help with weight loss, but science does not show evidence of this. To be in the “fat burning zone”, you need  to be 70-80% within your maximum heart rate. You might sweat in some of the classes but heart rate won’t match cardio training. Try Tim’s HIIT workout class for cardio benefits!

All types of yoga calms you down and helps to activate the ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic) system, enabling the body to run more efficiently and helping you feel better. Generally, when you feel better you are more likely to keep to healthy habits such as exercising and healthier eating.

Find out more about how yoga impacts weight loss here.

Does Yoga Help with Anti-Aging?

As we get older, many things happen, even as early as our 30’s. We start losing estrogen and collagen. Then later, we start losing muscle and bone mass. It might sound scary but yoga can slow down the aging process in many ways:

  • Keeps joints and cartilage healthy (Yin yoga is especially great for that)
  • Yoga stretches keeps the body supple
  • Boosts immunity facilitating lymphatic drainage
  • Learn how to improve balance, as it is proven to diminish with age
  • Strengthens physically and mentally
  • Use yoga for sleep by giving your body the rest it needs
  • You learn how to clear your mind with mindfulness and breathing techniques

Are There Specific Yoga Poses for Older Women?

What defines “older”? People’s bodies change at varying rates, no matter what age you are. There are no specific poses designed for older people but there are always modifications to more advanced yoga poses that are accessible to all.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned of people my age experiencing symptoms of perimenopause. I didn’t realise that it can happen to some people in their 30’s but it mainly starts in your 40’s. I started having sleeping issues a few years ago and couldn’t understand why it was happening. 

In future, I plan on teaming up with perimenopause experts for a wellness workshop. Please contact us if you would be interested in attending.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga is great during pregnancy for many reasons. Most yoga poses are safe during pregnancy and at the same time, certain precautions need to be taken.

Often in first pregnancies, women have several questions and get conflicting answers, especially when searching on the internet.

We at YogaTonic UK are educated on pose safety during pregnancy and welcome you if pregnant. My advice if this is your first pregnancy and/or in the first trimester that you speak to the pregnancy experts:

But which is better when pregnant? Yoga or Pilates? Both are very similar in this case and it depends on the teacher and what classes they offer. Both above run live streaming classes as well, so you don’t need to live locally to benefit from their expertise.

Online Yoga Classes

Following on demand yoga videos online is a great way to start yoga classes in the comfort of your home. YogaTonic UK have created a selection of options for your yoga practice at home.

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