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Yoga for skiers –
Finding the time

Get fit for skiing– when we can finally go!

“I’m too busy doing my main sport to find time to do yoga”.
This is often the response I get from people when I say that I am a yoga teacher – though it seems that increasingly people are finding ways to include yoga into their routine (whether it’s called yoga or stretching for sport – I don’t mind!).
Since Shannon and I become yoga instructors we have taught a number clubs including cricket, orienteering, rowing, running and triathlon. The words getting out there slowly as to some of the benefits yoga offers.

Yoga classes to complement your sport

I am still active doing swimruns, skiing, messing about on the river and spending time on the bike.
Joining regular online yoga classes doesn’t have to be the ONLY thing you do. For me – it is one of MANY things I enjoy doing.
It could be the same for you – whatever sport you enjoy. More and more athletes are now including yoga sequences into their training programme for both the physcial and mental health benefits.
Hopefully you will find the yogic breathing, yoga stretches and improving your flexibility and balance will complement your sport….for most people – yoga needn’t be your main interest, but a supporting one – and that’s perfectly fine.
We don’t all need to be able to do some of the gymastic style yoga poses you may see on social media. (Sometimes I think the posts miss the point – rather than encourage new people to try beginners yoga, it can actually discourage people as it seems so unachievable).
Skiing couldn’t be a better example of this. We all have to start somewhere – but the enjoyment and fun can be the same whatever ‘level’ you are.
Planet Ski

Ski fitness to make the most of your time in the snow

It seems like an age since the season was prematurely ended in March 2020. It would be fair to say that the skiers amoungst us are waiting to get the green light to go skiing again this season.
With this in mind, I hosted an online yoga class for skiers exclusively for members of the Ski Club of Great Britain.
37 members joined the half an hour yoga class, as we focused on balance and flexibility by working on a series of skiing adapted poses – such as Chair Pose, Tree Pose and Warrior 3 – to name a few yoga poses you will be familiar with – followed by stretches ideal following a day on the slopes. 
I’d like to think the people that joined the yoga class will be able to use the recording to help warm up before a day in the snow and also for post skiing stretches.
Ultimately, our Ski Fit package provides the ideal opportunity to work on your general fitness with our HIIT workouts, various yoga classes and a family classes.

It’s not just skiing

Whatever sport you are involved in, perhaps adding some stretches (we don’t need to call it yoga) may help your club or athletes reach their goals.

If you are interested to improve your skiing at home or arranging a private class for your group- whichever sport- contact me to find out more.

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