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Latest schedule

Current Live Streaming and Deck Studio Schedule


If you have any class pass credits, please click “reset password” and log in. If you do not have any class passes, you will need to create a new sign in.

We are aiming to combine our booking system with our online membership. But we are migrating the booking system first. So, in future, you will have access to in person and online classes from one simple system.

Types of classes

  • All classes are online and will be for the foreseeable future
  • Selected “in person” classes will also be on our deck (weather permitting) 
  • Some “in person” classes will be block booked but please go onto the waiting list in case a space frees up


  • For monthly members, please log in here for unlimited classes! 

Schedule for August

Due to the summer holidays, we are reducing the number of classes. 

We will increase the number of classes again in September.

Classes are reduced to 5, but if the weather is good, we will increase the numbers and teach the classes on the deck!

Classes are both in person and online. Any exceptions will be shown on our booking page.

  • 6:30 pm Monday evening strength yoga (1 hour) Live streaming (book here)

    8:00 pm Monday Evening  YIN yoga (1 hour) Live streaming (book here)

  • 7 pm Tuesday evening calmer strength yoga (1 hour) Live streaming (book here)