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Fitness Yoga Classes

Tim and Shannon like to keep active. Keeping active was initially based around a variety of sports such as triathlon, running, skiing, sailing and more recently swimrun. Unsurprisingly, our teaching gravitates towards a style of fitness yoga.

But it’s not just about the sport or our yoga classes. When we met doing triathlon; our participation sports and teaching yoga remain an important way of making and maintaining friendships. Along the way we have met some really interesting and positive people.

Fitness yoga is open to everyone and is certainly inclusive, with men and beginners alike able to join any of our classes. We also offer a yoga + HIIT hybrid, which is yoga conditioning. It’s low impact but meant to burn calories to trim down and tone up.

Vinyasa Flow

As teachers of vinyasa yoga and yin yoga we enjoy being able to adapt our yoga classes to the different needs of different sports. Whatever sport you enjoy, learning yoga poses and different yoga sequences can:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Provide active recovery from a workout
  • Minimise stiffness and soreness 
  • Strengthen core
  • Enhance the efficiency of the body when moving
  • Improve the body’s range of movement
  • Improve balance and flexibility 
  • Maintain concentration and focus for longer
  • Prioritise the importance of breathing
fitness yoga class with men and women

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

My Life Tonic. 

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Online Yoga Videos

Our online yoga classes are available as part of the Premium Membership subscription or can be purchased separately.

Online HIIT workout videos

Undoubtedly yoga classes can help you keep fit.

A HIIT workout can complement the strength, balance, and flexibility gained through regular yoga classes.

Tim has recorded over 30 thirty minute HIIT training sessions for you to build cardiovascular fitness, stamina and endurance.

Yoga For Athletes 

With all the benefits of yoga it is not surprising that more athletes are adding fitness yoga into their training programmes. If you are not sure that yoga can help your general fitness, then hopefully the selection of videos will help or find out more here.

Whether you are training for a specific event or race, we hope our yoga sequences and programmes will help both your training and completion of the event remain injury free.

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