A family thing…..young and younger

This morning’s practice was particularly special for me…..

As normal Shannon was giving the Wednesday morning class. It was however, the first time my mum, also known as Bibi, has been in the same class as me. It was wonderful to share our practice together and hang out afterwards. Who knows, she may even become a regular to our classes….

Sharing our yoga practice with loved ones, across generations has proved to be a particularly fulfilling experience for Shannon, Max and I, and one that we are now sharing with our Parent / Kid workshops.

We have now hosted 2 parent child workshops since the New Year, with them proving to be popular with both parents and children. Both parents and children have the opportunity to have their own class before coming together for healthy snacks and a partner yoga session for an hour.

The partner yoga sessions provide a time for parents and kids to fully engage with each other – needing to listen to each other, maintain eye contact and build trust as they progress throughout the class. Ultimately the objective of yoga is to live in the moment and to maintain a focus on whatever you are doing at the time, allowing yourself not to get distracted with other thoughts. I’m sure that an afternoon of yoga with your loved one will certainly help to stay in the moment…

Our next parent kid workshop is on March 16th from 2-4.30.

(For the keen rugby supporters not going to the game you may be able to join the workshop and then watch the England v Scotland match afterwards (its a 5pm kick off). Perhaps the workshop will set you up for calmness before what will inevitably be a tense final match…..will England be on the Grand Slam /will spoil the party again?).

So, with yoga, it really doesn’t matter when you start – you can enjoy it what ever age you are (whether you are the base or flyer in partner yoga or enjoying time on the mat by yourself).

To find out more about the parent kid yoga workshops you can email us directly or book online here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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