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Yoga Courses

At YogaTonic UK, we want to share the benefits of yoga with our students, be it by offering live classes at our yoga studio in Cookham, providing streamed online yoga classes or sharing our yoga videos online. We also offer specialist yoga packages for people that want to use yoga poses for specific objectives in mind such as building ski fitness, running fitness, back strength to people starting out in yoga with a yoga for beginners package.

Online Yoga Courses

Our passion for yoga grew from experiencing the benefits of a regular yoga practice had not only on our day to day lives, but also getting more enjoyment out of the hobbies we enjoy.

It is never too early or too late to start enjoying yoga – be it joining classes at a local yoga studio, online or followng a dedicated online yoga course.

At YogaTonic UK, we’d like to think we provide yoga students, new or experienced, young or older the opportunity to enjoy yoga the way that best suits your needs, levels or  interests.

Since becoming yoga teachers, we noticed the similarities between both yoga and several sports. 

With all of our yoga courses, once purchased you have unlimited access to all the yoga classes included in the package, so you can re watch any of the classes at a time that works for you, wherever you are.

Our one-off course packages, on-demand memberships and class bookings are now on our new parent site:

My Life Tonic. 

Book on demand videos and courses here

Summer Tone Up

(Only £39.99)

Yoga really can help tone the body up and build strength – just in time for summer and the easing of Covid-19 lockdown. The 48 online vinyasa flow and fitness yoga classes focus on upper body, core and lower body with 10 and 30 minute classes to choose from.

Yoga for Kids

(Only £19.99)

Shannon and Max lead each of the 30 minutee yoga classes that encourage keeping active and maintaining a  positive mindset and self image. There’s plenty of choice with 14 hours of classes to enjoy. Each kids yoga class has a different theme from sports, travel and introducing yoga games. The classes are tailored for children between 7-12 years old.

Yoga for Runners

(Only 19.99)

We are both still keen runners and are sure that yoga stretches have helped us stay injury free. Whether you are training for an event, or running to keep fit, it’s frustrating picking up niggling injuries. The 26 yoga videos  range from 5-60 minutes so can be squeezed into your running schedule or rest days.

SkiFit Package

(Only £39.99)

As enthusiastic skiers the similarities between yoga and skiing were hard to miss; balance, core strength and maintaining focus…The yoga course includes both yoga classes and HIIT workouts to help you prepare for your next skiing holiday. With over 40 recoded yoga and HIIT classes, there’s plenty of choice.

Online Yoga Classes – Monthly Subscriptions

All of the courses listed below are included in the Premium monthly subscription, whilst the kids yoga, Summer Tone Up and 30 Day Challenge are also available in the Videos Only subscription.

Premium Membership additional benefits

The Premium Subscriptions give you access to the classes available in the videos only but in addition has access to:

  • 9 morning and evening live streaming yoga classes including: Vinyasa flow (both gentle and strength classes) and Yin yoga.
  • One to One ‘Introduction to YogaTonic UK’ call
  • Access to over 500+ recorded yoga classes
  • Specialist packages (listed opposite)

Local Yoga Classes – drop ins welcome!

Online yoga courses or joining yoga classes online isn’t to everyone’s liking. Understandably, sometimes it great to get out and enjoy your yoga practice with other people and live yoga teachers! As a local yoga studio in Cookham, we are offering vinyasa flow and yin yoga (when the weather gets better) out on the deck, in the open air.

All of our classes are open level, so beginners through to more experienced yogi’s are welcome.

View the information about our yoga studo class schedule and pricing or contact us to find out more.

Local Yoga Classes – online dropins welcome!

Our yoga studio is based in Cookham and provides a personalised option for those looking for yoga near Maidenhead. We (Tim and Shannon) lead the face-to-face classes throughout the week, whilst also streaming for our yoga online subscribers.

One of the aspects we enjoy most about teaching is getting to know our students and seeing them develop their practice, be it vinyasa flow, power yoga or yin yoga.

Whichever style of class you join, you will be introduced to the full range of yoga poses, whilst being given appropriate modifications. Our yoga classes are open and are an ideal starting point for beginners. The classes are primarily based around the concept of fitness yoga, with classes offering dynamic yoga sequences and yoga poses. Perhaps it is our focus on strength and power yoga that has meant that our classes are mixed encouraging men to join our classes.

Many of our students use their yoga practice to complement other sporting interests. Our focus on yoga ski fitness has been popular in the run up to winter, whilst many of our students are keen runners, cyclists, swimmers.

Weekly Yoga Classes – face to face schedule

When the weather is good, we are fortunate to be able to offer local yoga classes for those looking for yoga classes near Cookham, Marlow, Maidenhead, High Wycombe and Windsor outside on our deck. It’s been great to welcome back yoga students to our vinyasa flow and yin yoga classes.

Due to existing social distancing restrictions, yoga classes are limited to 6 people. All mats are cleaned before each class. We encourage people to bring your own yoga mats.

Yoga Class Pricing

  • £10 per yoga class as a drop in
  • £8 per yoga class when you book a class pass  (£40 for 8 classes)

To book a class click here or below:

We look forward to meeting you in person to join one of our classes