How can Yoga Improve Your Ski Fitness?

Ski Fitness

Snow has started falling in several European ski resorts, so if this starts to whet your appetite about skiing in 2020/21, we wouldn’t blame you. Both Tim and Shannon are passionate skiers and plan to get SkiFit for their 2020/21 skiing holiday, whenever that may be. 

Whenever, or wherever you plan to go skiing, you can use the coming months to improve your ski fitness, which will help you make the most of your time in the mountains. Here at YogaTonicUK, we offer specialist yoga classes and workouts which incorporate helpful and beneficial exercises to prepare for skiing. 

Skiing holidays in Europe or North America aren’t out of the question this season. That means taking some time to practice helpful ski exercises shouldn’t take a backseat. In the run-up to your next skiing holiday, you want to ensure you’re as physically prepared as possible. What’s more, the extra time you spend doing ski fit exercises now will ensure you’re even better prepared come your eventual holiday.


6 Reasons Why Yoga is Great for Ski Training

One of the most beneficial ways to improve your ski fitness is by taking regular yoga classes. Yoga is an incredibly rewarding, non-competitive exercise which many professional athletes are incorporating into their strength and conditioning training programs. There are many ways in which yoga sessions can be useful for skiers, and below are just a handful of them.

  • It can build balance

Skiing is all about balance, and the transfer of weight as you go down the slopes. Standing yoga poses are integral to building an enhanced sense of balance, while the transitions within a sequence will also often require core engagement.

  • It can strengthen your core

Whether taking a yin yoga or vinyasa yoga class (or any other), one primary focus throughout is core strength. It’s one of the key benefits of yoga, and one which is vital for correct ski posture. Disengaging your core while skiing can mean your upper body becomes less stable and has the impact of becoming less controlled. Improving core strength will help you keep it engaged while on the slopes.

  • It can improve flexibility

Yoga improves your flexibility, by stretching your muscles in yoga poses. Yoga stretches enhance the range of movement within your body. It’s more than likely that you will, at some point, get an edge or have to adjust to prevent yourself from falling. Many people practice yoga for flexibility in itself, and you can feel the same advantages during ski conditioning exercises.

  • It can improve fitness and stamina

Doing yoga regularly, alongside regular fitness or HIIT training works for so many people to build a strong level of stamina. The improved flexibility and balance people feel from yoga, in conjunction with great cardiovascular workouts (which we offer in SkiFit) can help you feel much better. In doing so, you may find your ski fitness improves as a result of regular home yoga sessions.

  • It can increase your focus

By taking regular online yoga classes, you may also find your mental health improve significantly. Yoga and guided meditation provide simple tools to maintain focus and to positively visualise making your way down the slopes. However experienced you are, having this focus is tremendously important. 

  • It can aid coordination

Skiing and yoga both require you to move your body in sync with your breathing. Yoga poses can help build greater proprioception (awareness of the body), as well as its positioning, balance and movements that prove helpful when skiing.

Ski Training Classes

As you can see from the above, here at YogaTonic UK we know how yoga can be a valuable aid to your ski fitness. As a family-run business, we’ve taken many skiing holidays over the years and found ourselves passionate about it. That’s why we’ve created our SkiFit program.

SkiFit is a ski fitness program which includes:

    • 6 yoga for beginners sessions 
    • 3 ‘Blue-level’ yoga classes
    • 3 ‘Red-level’ vinyasa flow classes
  • 6 HIIT workouts 
  • 6 guided meditations
  • A new ski fitness challenge (5 day, 5 minute, 5 exercises)
  • 3 family ski fitness exercises for parents and kids to enjoy together

Ski exercises, combined with high-quality fitness yoga classes, HIIT training and mindfulness from experienced yoga instructors, will be the best asset to your next skiing holiday.

Take up Ski Fitness Training with YogaTonicUK

Our SkiFit program is only £39.99 per month and is also available to all our Premium yoga membership subscribers.

Find out more here, or get in touch with us today.

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