Yoga and fitness challenge – why not give it a go?

Feeling a bit stale and want to give yourself a bit of a kick start into a new routine? Usually we all think of starting new challenges in January after a hectic Christmas period. However, there’s no time like the present to try something new.
In light of the recent announcements, it may be a good time to start a new habit. Though it’s widely accepted that it can take 6 weeks to get into a new habit – perhaps a 14 day challenge feels more achievable or realistic…who knows where it may take you.
We all like different things – so whether you have enjoyed yoga classes, HIIT Training, or mediation in the past you have plenty of choice included in this yoga challenge.
Although we call this a 14 Day Kick Start Challenge  we have included 20 classes for you to follow in your own time. You may have time to do more than one session in a day – or want to spread them out over a longer period.
It really is your choice. A tracker has been provided for you to record the sessions you do. Over the course of the 14 days we will send you regular emails (a total of 5) with some helpful tips. We don’t want to fill your inbox but hope they will be useful for you.
Once you have signed up to the challenge you have unlimited access to the online yoga classes – so can return to them as often as you like, at a time that works for you.
So Why Try Our 14 Day Kick Start Yoga Challenge? Our paid monthly subscribers can access it for free. Just log in to My YogaTonic.
Well – the challenge includes yoga classes of varying lengths – from shorter of  15 minutes through to 30, 45 and 60 minute vinyasa flow classes. As you do more yoga classes you may feel more comfortable doing the longer classes. 
As importantly, the 14 Day Kick Start Yoga Challenge offers yoga for beginners as a great starting point with a yoga poses for beginners guide you can refer to so that you can get more comfortable with the poses.
The challenge is not only about yoga.
Yoga Meditation
Included in the 14 Day Kick Start Challenge are 4 x yoga meditation sessions of 10 minutes each. Getting active is a key part of the challenge, though finding time to take a step back is equally important. We all need to find time reset and reboot and these sessions will help you do it.
Find a time where you can be still and uninterrupted. We tend to find either at the start or end of the day works well for us.
With 4 x 30 minute HIIT workouts you can get your cardio fix. The sessions have been designed so that you can do  HIIT at home – with no equipment required; though we do recommend having a water bottle handy.
The sessions ensure a full body workout, with both cardio and strength based exercises.
Find out more about our 14 Day Kick Start Challenge; We hope it will give you the focus over the next 14 days or so, to maybe try something new, be it vinyasa yoga, HIIT Training or meditation. It may even give you a Kick Start into maintaining a new routine during this time.
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