Improve Staff Wellbeing with Corporate Yoga Classes or Videos

The practice of yoga has expanded exponentially over the years, beyond the confines of studios. Nowadays, yoga classes can be found all over the place, including gyms, schools and offices.

Corporate Yoga during COVID-19

As you may imagine, teaching yoga to several people in an office environment feels significantly different from a studio-based yoga classCorporate yoga classes have become the norms for many organisations across the world, with classes often forming a vital component of a company’s staff engagement and corporate wellness scheme.

Office yoga offers substantial benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved productivity
  • Energy and morale boosts
  • Better physical and mental health
  • Happier employees
  • Great team exercises

It’s no secret that companies are taking wellbeing at work very seriously, particularly nowadays.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of how many businesses operate these days. The past few months have seen some organisations gradually bring employees back into the workplace, but of course, now there are limitations and restrictions on what can and can’t be done involving people and companies outside that organisation. What’s more, many staff are still working from home.

It would be rare to find an organisation that is incorporating large-scale office yoga classes, due to social distancing and protection measures in place. That, and arguably, the physical staff numbers just aren’t as extensive to justify the need for a full-scale workplace yoga class.

This has led to many questions about where this leaves companies, and what wellbeing activities at work their staff can do during these unprecedented and polarising times.

How can Companies Ensure Health and Wellbeing at Work in 2020?

YogaTonic UK have two solutions which can both improve physical and mental wellbeing at work, and also accomplish all general benefits of yoga at the same time.

  1. Corporate Yoga Videos Online

Given that many staff have had to drastically adjust their schedules and work-home life balance because of coronavirus, YogaTonic UK’s online yoga videos offer a flexible solution which you can enjoy wherever you are.

Yoga itself is very inclusive and accessible for everybody, whether they have returned to the office or not, and having yoga videos on-demand means employees can do it in their own time. What’s more, YogaTonic UK have a plethora of yoga videos online to choose from, many of which can be enjoyed with friends, families and children.

  1. Live Online Classes

Streaming live yoga classes lets everyone experience the feeling of an office yoga session, wherever you may be. Practising yoga at home or at work (if you are back in the office) in a live-streamed session is viable, accessible and as previously mentioned, accomplish all the same benefits of corporate yoga classes. The only real difference is that classes are done remotely.

With virtual yoga sessions, either on-demand or live-streamed, employees can still find they can effectively manage their work and leisure routines. With YogaTonic UK, our yoga sessions can incorporate a variety of different styles, including vinyasa flow or yin yoga as well as HIIT workout routines, for those that want a more active session. We even offer special ski fitness sessions and yoga for runners.

Many organisations will have a huge range of people working there, of different ages, and varying fitness levels and experience with yoga. YogaTonic UK have plenty of yoga classes and sessions which are suitable for everyone, no matter their requirements. We can even run bespoke live yoga classes for organisations, all across the UK.

Corporate Yoga Specialists

YogaTonic UK are a family-run business, and are incredibly familiar with working in office environments. We know from firsthand experience how important yoga is to your physical and mental wellbeing, and incorporating it into your existing work and fitness regimes is something we’re very passionate about. It’s vital to keep your wellbeing at the forefront of your mind, and many organisations have found our classes to be exceptionally beneficial to their staff.

Our corporate yoga classes and videos are cost-effective solutions for those of you who are going back to work after an extended period of time off. Or whether you are still working from home. With our memberships, you can get unlimited access to over 300 filmed yoga classes.

Individuals can subscribe to our Videos-Only Membership, which gives members access to many filmed yinHIIT and vinyasa yoga sessions, as well as specific kids yoga classes.

Our Online Yoga Premium Membership gives you everything with the videos membership, plus unlimited live yoga sessions for £25 per month. You can see our live streaming schedule here. For organisations of all sizes, we can provide flexible corporate rates, so you can enjoy our live classes and online yoga videos, and keep yours and your colleagues’ health and wellbeing in check.

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