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Mental health at work

Mental health in the workplace

The mental health of colleagues at work has been an important focus for Managers and HR Teams alike since the advent of the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

Stress and anxiety can be experienced by people in the workplace for many reasons, a feeling uncertainty and isolation are two of many potential triggers that can affect colleague mental health and wellbeing at work. 

And there is plenty of uncertainty at present from a macro to micro perspective;  from the continuation of the furlough programme, easing of lockdown restrictions to the future viability of businesses to a colleagues own job security.   

Change can be stressful in itself. Working from home had become the new norm over the last 12 months. What will hybrid working mean for businesses and employees? Any routines that have been established over the various Covid lockdowns is likely to change again.

With people increasingly working from home more – will there be an increased sense of isolation of employees? For some, the change of scene can also be important. 

Humans are ultimately socialable animals that, on the whole, enjoy interaction with colleagues.  It’s just not the same online via Teams or Zoom calls – however much you try. Sometimes, the casual catch up with a colleague is far more helpful to get to know them and really understand what they need from a work perspective.

One thing is for sure – there is no one size fits all and therefore it’s important to offer tools that colleagues can use as part of staff wellbeing and corporate wellbeing programme.

Mental Health and Mediation – can it help?

In our view – if mediation can help cope with, not necessarily solve any anxiety or stress people may be feeling, then it has to be a postive thing. 

It’s also worth remembering that any yoga class, at a studio or online will have a short section at the end, called Savasana where a guided meditation is offered whilst lying on your back. Some businesses have taken the step to offer corporate yoga classes as part of their wellbeing at work initiatives as it it helps not only the mental health of colleagues but also helps them stay physically active.

One thing to remember – it’s easy to think that to meditate you need to be in a beautiful location, overlooking a panoramic view with a sunset and sunrise.  (Note to self – I appreciate that our photo’s seem to re-enforce this, but it really isn’t the case. We need to take photos that are more accessible for everyone to practice meditation).

You don’t! Below are a few tips that will hopefully find a time and place that will work for you.


10 Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health

Why are we all “too busy” to take 5 minutes out for ourselves each day.

More and more studies are showing proven scientific benefits to meditation.

Whether it’s 5 minutes sitting quietly or a luxurious 20 minutes, daily meditation will improve your physical and mental health as it’s all connected, yep?

10 Tips For Finding Time For Your Mental Health

⭐Find a quiet place
⭐Try to sit outside if weather allows
⭐Sit comfortably
⭐Observe your thoughts (it’s ok if you think the whole time)
⭐See if you can detach yourself from the thoughts (your thoughts needn’t define you)
⭐See if you can focus on one thing.

⭐Breathing is the most popular one as you are already doing it and the mind can focus on it
⭐Give yourself a break, try not to push the thoughts away or force stillness
⭐Keep practicing each day, build the minutes up slowly, get into the habit
⭐Allow yourself to get bored, it is a bit boring, but how do you grow and improve without a bit of work?

I’m telling this to myself now. I promise to go outside and meditate after I post this.

Online yoga classes – staff wellbeing options

At YogaTonic UK we offer a broad range of options to fit in with the needs of businesses to ensure colleague engagement and interaction with a wellbeing at work initiative.

With colleagues working from home, online yoga classes provide a cost effective and scalable solution that can supports all colleagues no matter their location or timezone.

  • Weekly online yoga classes exclusive for employees
  • Desk yoga to encourage active working
  • Include a yoga or desk yoga session as part of a team meeting

Supporting colleagues, making them feel valued, in these uncertain times can also be helpful with regards to staff recruitment and retention.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when looking to support colleagues. It’s important to make sure they comfortable with whatever they are doing – be it mediation or a yoga class. By offering an online option gives your colleagues the chance to try something in the comfort of their own home.

As yoga teachers, we do not understimate the importance of keeping both physcially active whilst also looking after our own, and our students, mental health.

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