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Yoga –
it’s not for me because…

Top reasons not to try yoga – debunked

Starting something new always involves taking the first brave step – which is often the hardest step of all. Normally once you have take the first step it isn’t really that bad afterall.

To be honest, I (Tim) was very much like that when it came to my own yoga practice.

I started joining a corporate yoga class back in the early 00’s, after work. I was fortunate as there were a lovely group of colleagues and a welcoming yoga teacher. Similarly, Shannon was able to maintain a regular yoga practice whilst working long hours in the City, by joining the workplace yoga at lunchtime.

I’d like to think that the yoga classes YogaTonic UK offer the same welcoming environment for all levels of experience whether it’s in the yoga studio, on the deck (weather permitting), or as a live online yoga class.

Anyway – sometimes you can lead the horse to water…people generally find yoga when they are ready.

Yoga isn’t for me because…

  1. “I don’t have time”
    Our yoga videos range from 5 – 10 minutes
  2. “Yoga is expensive”
    We offer a selection of free yoga videos and a 30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge to let people give our  yoga classes a try. For any of our online yoga courses, you have unlimited access to the yoga videos
  3. “Yoga isn’t a proper workout”
    We’d like to think our fitness yoga or strength yoga classes provide good strength and toning session 
  4. “I don’t have a yoga mat or the right yoga clothing”
    Wear whatever gives you support, or what you usually do exercise in. You can always use a large towel if you don’t have a yoga mat
  5. “There’s not a yoga studio near me”
    We are based in Cookham, near Maidenhead and offer yoga on the deck or inside or have live online yoga classes throughout the week – so you can join wherever you are. If you still want to join in person, try YogaHub or Yoga Alliance to find a class near you.
  6. “There isn’t enough space to do yoga at home”
    All you need to do is find enough space to find a yoga mat (or large towel) and to make sure you clear away anything that may get in the way. Sometimes we see cats, dogs and kids wandering on screen – that’s fine – it happens to use too (see below).
  7. “I’ve never done yoga before”
    We offer a yoga for beginners package that takes you through each yoga pose and yoga sequence one step at a time, with classes starting from 5 minutes to longer 60 minute classes
  8. “I’m a man – men don’t do yoga”
    Well, Tim, one of the yoga teachers from YogaTonic UK takes a number of classes each week,- men can and do, do yoga!
  9. “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”
    Saying you won’t drive because you don’t know how too would mean you would never drive? Starting a regular yoga practice can help you become more flexible – key is not to compare yourself with others, but to notice how you improve over time.
  10. “I don’t speak Sanskrit”
    You don’t need to, both Shannon and Tim will take you through the yoga poses in English (we may say the odd Sanskrit word to show off our linguistic skills)
  11. “For online yoga classes I don’t want other yoga students to see me”
    That’s fine, for any online yoga class, feel free to turn the camera off, it may mean that the yoga teacher can’t give you suggestions but do what makes you feel comfortable – it’s your practice
  12. “My kids keep distracting me”
    Why not get them involved and try our kids yoga classes – let them join you with our 30 minute kids yoga classes
  13. “I’m too busy with other sports”
    Lots of professional athletes do yoga to help them prevent getting injured, improve their focus, build core strength or enhance their flexibility and to improve their recovery. We offer yoga for runners and yoga for skiers packages for these very reasons!
  14. “I don’t know what style of yoga is best for me?”
    There are lots of styles of yoga, it may take a few classes to find which you like, but we offer vinyasa flow and yin yoga classes. Whatever you do, make sure that when you are doing yoga pose that you are not causing any pain – if you are, then come out of the pose; yoga isn’t supposed to injure you.

Yoga – Getting started

Whenever you are ready to start yoga, we hope you enjoy the experience whether it’s the physcial benefits of feeling stronger, more flexible or less tight in the body, through to the mental health benefits of feeling calmer and more relaxed.

There are no defined benefits of how you must feel after a yoga class – it’s a personal thing. What you may feel after one class maybe indeed be different after another one.

There’s an element of trial and error when you start yoga; I would suggest trying a few classes, different yoga teachers if the first class doesn’t quite do it for you, or also try some different styles of yoga to find what works for you.

Hopefully, you’ll find time to enjoy a regular yoga practice, at a time time and location that works for you. Who knows where it will take you – I never thought I would end up becoming a yoga teacher all those years back when I started yoga at work all those years ago.

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