New pricing in July

We aren’t sure if this is the best timing but we have been agonised to change our pricing. But every person we have spoken to has implored us to raise our prices. I am losing so much sleep on this so I’m going to inhale deeply and jump into that cold water.

Simple summary (it’s one or the other, not both!)

  • £10 for videos only (no action needed if you only want that)
  • £25 for videos, live streaming classes, specialised programmes

As of July 1st, your existing video subscription will stay as £10. What is included:

  • Unlimited access to over 250 higher quality filmed yoga and cardio classes to view anytime
  • Discounts on yoga clothes, home office wellness furniture and more!
  • If you are happy with that, no action needed

For those who prefer to do LIVE streamed yoga from home (or live outside area), the subscription will be £25 per month – still lower than others. This will include:

  • All of the above benefits (all our 250+ videos and discounts)
  • 14 LIVE streamed classes each week (on Zoom) including strength & gentle yoga, HIIT and kickboxing classes (partnered with Samurai Fitness)
  • New specialised programmes such as beginners yoga, runners yoga, lower back yoga, and kids yoga (new “how to calm exam nerves” classes)
  • If you sign up to this, we need to ensure your original subscription is removed, so you aren’t charged for original and new

How to change your subscription settings

  • If you only watch our filmed videos, no action is needed, subscription is kept at videos only for £10 per month
  • If you love the motivation of keeping on a Zoom schedule and still would like our videos and new programmes, upgrade to our Premium membership at £25 per month on the My YogaTonic page.
    • (If you forgot your password, just change it, don’t try to log in multiple times as it will lock you out after 3 attempts. If you do get locked out, try again in 10 mins)
  • But please ensure you cancel your “Video only” membership (instructions below) if you are signing on to the Premium membership
  1. Sign in to My YogaTonic page
  2. If you’d like to change, click Premium Zoom & videos and a Stripe payment box will pop up
  3. Then to ensure you are NOT paying for 2 plans, click on My Account
  • Once you arrive to My Account, click on Subscriptions.
  • Carefully look at what you’d like to cancel and click Remove, OK to confirm.


  • If you are finished with us, or just signed up be kind friends and support our local business (or fed up with online classes – I am so ready to see the teachers I follow in person, too!), follow same instructions to cancel below. We appreciate you signing up in the first place!
    • Please don’t ask us to cancel for you. I tried to cancel for someone (as I always want to help) and it sends our system into a tizz. 
    • Also, by cancelling, it doesn’t take you off our newsletter. If you don’t want anymore Yoga or Tonic or UK in your life, you need to click “unsubscribe” from that last email you saw. As the French barista said to Tim whilst making him a latte … “I was done with my girlfriend so texted her zee message – C’est terminé!” … We understand, c’est la vie.


You will see an Affiliate section. Please be patient with us. We would like to get a referral program in place to reward those who spread the word. This can be done individually or to raise money for your organisation. I’m testing this functionality now. 

We appreciate you reading this. And thanks for supporting us.

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