Why yoga should be your number one resolution in 2019

I appreciate we have just moved into February so can just about still be thinking about New Years resolutions – if you haven’t made one or want to make a new one – an article from Australia. (The word seems to be getting out about yoga).

So – the article outlines a number of benefits of doing yoga as part of a new healthy regime (as well as having a healthy breakfast – the article is sponsored by a well known cereal brand).

It is important for students to find both a style of yoga and a teacher that suits them. Try a few styles and teachers out so you can establish what you like and what you don’t like. When trying to explain the difference in styles of yoga I liken it to ‘Track and Field’ in that the different track events (100m / 800m up to 10km) are all running events but require different types of fitness / stamina. The same can be said with yoga – some styles hold poses for longer, whilst others follow a set sequence each time and then there is of course the hot yoga, power yoga, goat yoga and broga!.

The article summarizes some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice in the morning are outlined as the following

  • More toned arms
  • Longer (?), leaner legs (my height has not changed as far as I am aware)
  • Strong core and happy abs
  • Faster recovery
  • You’ll make smarter lifestyle choices (not sure how this can be measured)

To read the full article click here.

So – why not give yoga a go?

At YogaTonicUK our classes have a good mix of students – both men and women with varying levels experience and fitness. If you live in the Cookham area have a look at our class schedule online or contact us by email to find out more.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes or I am sure another teacher will also do the same wherever you are!

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