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Yoga for runners

Helpful yoga guides and tutorials

Get toned for summer

Yoga conditioning to trim down for summer

Yoga for beginners

Helpful guides and tutorials

Yoga for kids

Sports, positive mindset, exam calm

30 day challenge package

Start a healthy routine: Yoga, meditation, HIIT videos

Get fit for skiing

Cardio, Yoga, Meditation, Kids

3 months Premium Package

Access to all packages (SkiFit, Runners, Beginners, Kids, Challenge) plus access to 400 videos and live streamed classes

For anyone interested in buying class passes or private sessions, please contact us directly Our class booking system is different than our video package system.

If you are interested in other unique gifts
(food, wine, art, sustainable, home, kids, clothes for all)
from small and/or local businesses,
check out our list of great gift ideas!