Get Fit for Skiing

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Full access to our SkiFit classes!

  • Family SkiFit- 3 x 30 minute classes – REALLY fun
  • Entire SkiFit programme (18 classes – yoga, cardio, meditation)
  • Progressive yoga – 6 x 30 minute classes of dynamic and balancing yoga
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Access to all streamed classes via Zoom

  • Video library holding a mixture of our professionally filmed and Zoom recorded classes which covers styles Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin. Classes range from strength to gentler. Also, HIIT cardio and kids yoga. Classes suitable for all levels unless specified otherwise.
  • £10 per month – one subscription per household, rather than individual

An accessible and effective way to prepare for winter – as long as you are motivated and prepared to stick to the schedule. Excellent value too – this 6 course of 18 videos can be streamed multiple times with no expiry date and you can repeat the sessions as many times as you like.

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Get Fit for Skiing

Full programme

Prepare for the season ahead

18 online classes

  • Cardio conditioning (30 mins): Strengthen legs, core, back allowing you to maximise your day on the slopes
  • Yoga (30 mins): Works on balance and coordination
  • Mindful meditation 5-10 mins): Build mental confidence, especially if you haven’t skied in a while
  • Go at your own pace

Progressive SkiFit: 6 online classes

  • Yoga (30 mins): suitable for people with some experience in yoga. You may have completed the yoga in the 6 week programme.
  • It is also suitable for those wanting to just do more dynamic yoga
  • Classes labelled blue and red level yoga (similar to the colour of pistes)

Family SkiFit: 3 online classes

  • Great prep for your next family skiing holiday.
  • 3 x 30 minute videos which makes cardio, yoga and mindfulness fun for everyone.
  • Class has 5 different sections to keep everyone motivated
  • Focus on the muscles needed for skiing/boarding
  • Classes are suitable for families aged 7+
Get Fit for Skiing

Bring our 2 passions together

First and foremost, we are both passionate skiers. Shortly after starting to teach yoga, we have offered SkiFit yoga classes at our studio from October through to Easter. Our students have found the classes not only enjoyable, but beneficial for their skiing. For the 2019/2020 season we want to help more people make the most of their time in the mountains.

We believe that this programme is truly unique as it combines our experience as yoga teachers whilst also introducing cardiovascular conditioning and mindfulness elements. The cardio sessions combine the focus on building strength and endurance with agility, whilst the yoga classes help develop a greater sense of balance and flexibility. On skiing holidays, we often take ourselves out of our comfort zone; the mindfulness and mediation sessions provide a framework for overcoming potential challenges.

Why get SkiFit?

We believe that by getting prepared for your holiday, it will enable you to ski better and more confidently, but also reduce the risk of picking up an injury.

Our programmes

We hope you enjoy our online programmes with the different sessions included; including cardio workouts, yoga, mindfulness and family sessions. We really believe the programme will ensure you are ready for your holiday.

Importantly, you can repeat the classes as many times as you like, or have time for – they are yours forever.  We will be adding to the content available so, if you want to be kept up to date please sign up for our regular email update (sign up below).

Although we call them ‘weekly’ packages – you can do sessions in your own time, and as many times as you want. If you follow the sessions in order you will notice they build on the previous sessions so it is beneficial, but not imperative, that you do them in order.

Get Fit for Skiing