Is yoga now ‘mainstream’ – Nike launches first dedicated yoga range

In January 2019, Nike formally announced a new clothing range, for both men and women, addressing the increased participation of yoga.

Unsurprisingly the launch included household American sports stars from the NBA, NFL and the Women’s NBA. I haven’t seen the new range in stores yet but it will be interesting to see them and try them on. I wonder when the range will make it this side of the Atlantic….

Perhaps more interestingly will be how the existing retailers and yoga clothing companies respond to the entry of Nike into this market – from a price, design and quality perspective. I am sure that plenty of yoga studios have already had a broad range of Nike’s clothing already worn in many a class already…. Will the clothing become a core part of our yoga wardrobe or part of the growing collection of active wear?

Either way – as a yoga teacher, isn’t it great that such significant brands now see yoga as a sufficiently large, sizeable (and presumably profitable) market that they want to be a part of.

To read find out more read the full article here (on a golfing website but more on that later….).

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