Post day skiing stretch…


So – after a great day’s skiing- surely the first thing on your mind is how to stretch to ensure you can have another awesome day tomorrow…..

Or something like that anyway.

Assuming that when you have got back from the slopes, maybe via a few local hostelries, you are thinking about stretching – then the videos below may help to relieve the parts of the body that may have been working hard throughout the day.

Yoga can help your skiing in several areas

You may have left it a bit late, this year, to prepare for your ski holiday but certainly think about about using yoga to help prepare for your holiday next year.

This short 3 minute video provides skiers with several stretches that may help your recovery after the day’s skiing. The stretching of hamstrings followed by the spinal twist will loosen up both the legs and back following an active day.

Hold the positions for as long as you have time for.

When holding the poses ensure that are slowly inhaling and exhaling through the nose. On the exhale look to deepen the stretches that little bit further. Listen to your body – if you are stretching with others do not try to compete with them – allow your body to stretch to a point that is comfortable to you.

Holding yoga positions, and stretching, can take time for the ‘sense of improvement’ – most importantly the stretches will support your recovery and prepare you for the next day on the slopes!

Have fun and I hope the snow is great for you – wherever you are!

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