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Summer Tone Up


Fitness yoga – great ready for summer!

It feels that summer is just around the corner, as the days get longer and warmer. (We’ve also been able to restart our yoga classes on the deck which is a true sign that we are coming out of winter!). There’s also the added bonus of the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to enjoy.

There’ no time like the present to start getting into shape for the summer ahead.

Yoga has many styles and different forms from restorative yoga to broga, desk yoga to power yoga to name but a few. As yoga instructors, Shannon and I love teaching vinyasa flow yoga both at the studio and as part of our online yoga classes as a way of keeping both mentally and physically fresh.
For those that have been able to join any of our yoga classes, we’d like to think they provide both dynamic movement with the opportunity to switch off and relax. Perhaps you could call it yoga conditioning in that our classes provide both the physical and mental health benefits of a regular yoga practice.


Summer Tone Up Programme

At YogaTonic UK, we’ve created our Summer Tone Up programme to help you get ready for what we hope will be a lovely summer.
Yoga in itself can provide a great way to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes it’s also good to get the heart rate up a little bit; that’s why we’ve also included yoga inspired HIIT workouts. For both the HIIT training sessions and the yoga classes, we’ve divided the sections into the following so you can vary up the areas you focus on (or let the body rest for a day or so).
  • Areas of focus
    • Upper body – Defined Upper body
    • Core strength – Tone your Abs!
    • Lower body – Sculpted legs and Bum 
  • Durations – all classes are either 10 or 30 minute classes  
The programme includes 48 recorded classes to follow in your own time so there’s plenty of choice of yoga videos and workouts to mix up your workouts.
If you like working to programme we’ve also provided a chart you can download and follow and track your progress. 
With unlimited access to the classes you can do them as often as you would like, so you can start to feel and notice the difference from your dedication.
Existing subscribers to our online yoga videos or our  live online yoga classes via our Premium subscription, as well as our corporate yoga clients, can all access this the programme for free – just click here. If you are not a subscriber yet – you can compare the 2 different packages here, and also benefit from a Free 14 Day Trial.

YogaTonic UK – it’s who we are…

When we became yoga teachers and started our own yoga classes we tried to find a name for our business that really captured who we are, what we enjoy doing, whilst also staying true to the key principles of yoga.
As teachers, the physical yoga poses (or asanas) represent only one element of yoga. Equally important is the focus of both the breathing (pranayama) and the gaze (drishti). The fundamentals of yoga remain present in all of our different videos.
It took some time, but when we found various definitions of ‘tonic’ we knew we had found the name that was right for us. 
  • Gives a feeling of vigour or wellbeing
  • Produces good muscle tone
  • Something that stimulates or excites
  • A physiological response with is slow and may be graded
The underlying definition is that a tonic us something that is good for you and that may be added to something else. Through a regular yoga practice, we still believe that yoga can provide a wonderful tonic to people’s busy lives – whether people are looking to enjoy the physcial or mental benefits provided by yoga.
Of course, a tonic can also be mixed as part of a popular drink. As with our own personal yoga practice, it’s important to maintain good balance.
We hope you enjoy our Summer Tone Up programme and you have a great summer.
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