What’s it like to flow in the dark?

We tried our first glowing yoga class on Halloween. It was really fun to teach.

Some yoga purists might question fluorescent light and glow sticks mixed with respected ancient asanas but it does have benefits.

Doing yoga in the dark:

  • heightens the senses. Since your sight is limited, you have more opportunity to focus on the body and how it feels.
  • reduces inhibitions. Many people are worried about not doing the poses correctly. They often think others are watching them. Being in the dark ensures that you can’t see what the person is doing next to you. You have to rely on your teachers descriptive instructions.
  • allows you to focus inward. Normally, people want to look in the mirror and focus on doing the perfect pose. Yoga is about how your body feels in the pose, rather than how it looks. We are all built differently so don’t need to do poses the same way!

It was also a lot of fun. We hope to do more of these classes throughout the darker months.

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