Get ready for SKI FIT YOGA

We have all have had a tumble or two on the ski slopes. It is important to build strength and flexibility BEFORE you get skiing.

Doing high impact exercise can be great for strength and cardio but there is also risk of injury. Doing yoga is zero impact, high intensity exercise that will help you get ready for the ski season.

What to expect in ski fit yoga:

  • Sun salutations. Other than hailing the sunny days south of the UK, doing sun saluations is a great way to warm up the body. It gets you breathing and bending in all directions, warming up arms, back and legs. Sun salutations are used in vinyasa flow classes to connect breath with movement (helping to clear the mind of clutter) and allow you to move into different poses with ease.
  • Many variations of chair pose. Why? You use your thighs (quads) constantly. When you are descending down that mountain, you are leaning forward and “bending zee knees”. You need solid thighs.
  • Back bends and bridges. Why? You probably feel your lower back aches at the end of the day, from skiing or just picking up the heavy skis. Back bends strengthen the lower back.
  • Balancing poses. Why? When turning on skis, you shift your weight between legs. When balancing on one leg, you learn stability when balancing. You learn to engage those key muscles required to balance (core and glutes).
  • We also focus on the core and abs, shoulders and other key parts of the body. Each week is slightly different yet will incorporate similar poses so you feel you are progressing each week.

Click here to some great poses for before or after skiing:

Ski Fit

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