Yoga can ease pressure on health service, says Prince Charles

In the past, I think there has been a perception that Prince Charles has come up with some unusual ideas, contrary to the general or mainstream ways of thinking at the time. However, it also seems that he may have been ahead of the curve on a few things – such as organic food, for example. If I remember correctly he has long been an advocate of organic foods well before it became more widely popular and available.

Last week Prince Charles suggested that yoga could ease pressure on the health service – possible as both preventative and as a curative therapy.

What a fantastic idea.

I wonder how long it will take for yoga to be offered by the NHS and the local surgeries – to help patients address their needs, such as back pain, depression, arthritis and blood pressure.

Obviously, yoga is not for everyone and may not be the immediate cure that someone needs. After all, the patient needs to take responsibility for their actions, when perhaps taking a pill may offer a quicker, short term remedy.

One challenge may be how to quantify the benefit a regular practice has had when other factors will also have an impact.

Needless to say, it’s great that the yoga is increasingly being perceived having health benefits that a wider range of people can (or will) benefit from in the future…..I will be watching this space….


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