Trying something new

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with trying something new?

Unsurprisingly, the last few months have meant changing the way we do things in our everyday lifes – from how we shop to where we shop to how we exercise and how we teach. We’ve obviously had to change the way we teach our yoga classes to offering yoga online and offering our yoga videos online.

During lockdown, we attempted to grow veggies from actual seeds (not pre-grown saplings). I thought it would take up our free time to succeed, but it was easier than we thought and changed our mindset.

Here are some tips we learned:
☀️ As long as you have a sunny windowsill, you can grow plants from seeds (really, you can!)
☀️ You can make a simple “propagator” (a tiny greenhouse) by using a ziplock bag over the plant container – this helps keep soil moist
☀️ “Harden off” isn’t a rude term, it means that when the plant is strong enough, you slowly transition it from inside to out – take it outside during day, and back in at night
☀️ Rain is a really great gift when you care about your garden (I used to feel annoyed with rain)

If you are a seasoned gardener, these tips sound really obvious and basic.

But I hope you remember that everyone has their interests and we have never been interested in gardening, despite our love for outdoors and nature. This is the same with yoga, cooking, running, anything. So, if people ask silly questions or get excited about tiny epiphanies, please don’t mock them.

We’ve had some gardening failures (or oversights) too. We have planted both beetroots, carrots and potatoes. The carrots will be ready for ‘harvest’ in August – so are not offering short term sustenance and we have yet to work out when the beets and potatoes are ready – it’s harder when they are undergroud!


Deck class times

YOGA Monday evening 7-8 pm (1 hour)
YOGA Monday Evening 8:15 pm Yin (1 hour)
YOGA Tuesday evening 7-8 pm (1 hour)
YOGA Tuesday evening 8:15 pm Recovery (1 hour)

YOGA Wednesday morning 8 am (1 hour)
YOGA Friday morning 7 am (45 mins)
YOGA Saturday morning 8 am (1 hour)

Please note that we are unsure how the timings will work for our other morning classes, as schools start and lockdown is eased further. Times may change.

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