Workplace Yoga: Are Online Yoga Classes a Good Option?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, organisations both big and small recognised the value of ensuring a healthy mindset for their employees. Prior to 2020, more companies began incorporating workplace yoga schemes, where employees could regularly take part in yoga classes (such as vinyasa flow or yin yoga) on-site, and enjoy the benefits they bring.

Even though many people have started going back to work, the risk is still proving too great for organisations to start bringing yoga instructors into their building to lead guided yoga sessions. However, that doesn’t change the fact that wellbeing at work should still be a focal point during these unpredictable and uncertain times for many of us.

Health and Wellbeing at Work

The reality is that still, many people are working from home. Whether working from home is required for all staff or just a select few, it doesn’t change the fact it’s a stressful and uncertain time. The coronavirus pandemic is putting an incredible strain on everybody’s physical wellbeing and mental health, therefore it’s important for offices and workplaces to ensure their employees are okay wherever they are working. 

One popular solution that companies have found to bring tangible physical and mental benefits, is to encourage staff to take part in regular yoga classes. The beauty is that yoga is one of those exercises that’s non-competitive, and can be enjoyed either in the workplace or in the home.

What’s more, companies can overcome the obstacles of bringing a yoga teacher into the office, and avoid some people feeling as though they’re missing out. The easy solution is to participate in the practice of yoga, with structured, guided online yoga classes.

Whether you do yoga at home or yoga in the office, a series of online sessions from YogaTonic UK, will help you in numerous ways. Both as an individual but also in terms of your greater company atmosphere too. 

6 Benefits of Taking Online Yoga Classes 

Whether your workplace is in your kitchen, dining room or a location familiar to you pre-March 2020, there are plenty of reasons to consider regular online yoga courses. Below are just a few of them.

  1. Relieves tension and pain – if you spend long hours slouched over a desk, you may succumb to back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Your posture may also be suffering as a result of long hours sitting down. Yoga helps relieve the pain in your bodies, through fluid stretches and movements, which in turn helps your posture.


  2. Reduces fatigue – working long hours can elevate your stress levels (irrespective of your location), which can lead to you feeling fatigued. Regular exercise in the form of dynamic yoga can help get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Yoga poses and stretches can be done at your desk, which in turn help you to feel a bit more energised.


  3. Improved concentration – when your workload is high and you’re in back-to-back remote meetings all the time, with pressing deadlines, your brain can feel cluttered. Breathing exercises and guided meditation both help clear your mind and bring you to a sense of relaxation, which will help your productivity.


  4. Reduces stress – in light of the previous point, regularly doing yoga at home, or in the office, will help you get through the day easier. Online yoga sessions follow the same structure as face-to-face ones, and after sessions you will hopefully begin to feel less anxious and stressed.


  5. Morale is higher – if you’re feeling as though you’re not under as much pressure, by extension, you’ll find your morale improve by taking part in yoga videos online.


  6. Good for beginners – it’s great that yoga can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts. Those of you who are new to yoga may be feeling self-conscious about doing yoga online with colleagues, or prefer the idea of doing a home yoga workout. Online sessions help tick both of those boxes.

Do Yoga at Home or at Work

Whether you’re back in the office or you’re still at home, there are plenty of reasons to consider online yoga sessions with YogaTonic UK.

We are a family-run business, and are familiar with trying to balance work with family life, which has only compounded as a result of COVID-19.

We can help employees within your company relax, become more productive and feel physically better with our two workplace yoga packages:

You can also get exclusive live-streamed classes for employees to get together online, away from the desk. Get in touch to find out more.

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