2020 – New start / New website

In January we started on a new project – the migration of our website from the ‘off the shelf’ platform to the more flexible Wordpress site.

Anytime you embark on a new project there are so many options to be explored – what platform to use, will it deliver what we need and most importantly – who can support and guide us in delivering the project. We certainly aren’t able to be experts in everything so need assistance to help on new projects. I think it’s important to know where time is best well spent and ask for help as and when you don’t have the required skills.
Yes there are always likely to be cheaper options available at the time of making a decision….we however decided to support a local business – POW design and web. Though I have to say, I certainly think that Richard has been excellent and also great value. (We would highly recommend). Based locally, we had the chance to meet face to face and discuss what we were looking for and also to understand Richard’s experience and timings. As with most things – it was good to lay strong foundations as the project started. It helps that Richard is keen keen boarder so understood what we are trying to achieve with our SkiFit programme.
It would be fair to say, between Shannon, Richard and I, we worked well together. I am exceptionally fortunate that Shannon spent 20 years as an IT project manager so is more suited to some of the more technical questions….
In early February our new website we launched our new website – a new, fresher design, quicker page loading time all for a better user experience.

We would have normally posted on our blog, updated people by email and also announced the new site via social media – though unfortunately things got a little hectic just as the site launched…..more about that in our next blog – needless to say, everyone’s norm’s have changed, and we need to change as well.
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