What do kickboxing and yoga have in common?

In pursuit of keeping things fresh, we are ever changing and forming new partnerships. We believe that a martial arts and yoga can appear to be very different yet have more similarities than you think.

We have partnered with Samurai Fitness Group to provide new online classes for our students. On Thursdays mornings and afternoons, 7:30am and 3pm, are sharing a beginning kickboxing class (30 minutes) and yoga (30 minutes).

We first met the instructors at Samurai Fitness Group 5 years ago when our son starting doing “Little Samurai” at our local school. I attended one of their self protection courses and really liked the ethos of the company. Though the word “kickboxing” sounds quite daunting, it is really intended to build coordination, confidence and respect for others. It can be “contact” but most of the classes are about technique and fitness.

So, what are the differences of kickboxing and yoga?


Kickboxing requires coordination.

That’s the main difference. It is probably one of the funniest things to see Tim and I kickboxing. So, that is Matt or Kelly’s reward for partnering with us in these split classes: They get a hearty laugh. I feel I’m slowly getting better despite the coordination deficiencies. I did a front jump kick the other day and was quite proud of myself, until Max told me he learned that move when he was 5. We all have to start somewhere!

There are many more similarities: To progress in kickboxing, you need a strong core to control your arm and leg movements. You need flexibility to do high kicks. You need strength to squat.

Kickboxing is a martial art that may involve contact, it may not. You could use it for self protection but there is much more to it. Both kickboxing and yoga require body awareness, mental strength and focus. You may not be able to “downward dog” your way out of a tricky situation but you can be mentally alert enough to avoid it. We tend to walk around on “autopilot” and learning to become mindful helps you tune into your surroundings.

Looking at both Samurai Fitness Group and YogaTonic UK, we both offer something for kids and adults alike. We offer 3 HIIT classes a week and also have the kickboxing, which is another cardio session on Thursdays. Do come along and try – it’s great fun and a great laugh.

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