Is running meditative?

So what does running have to do with yoga?

The objective of yoga has been described trying to achieve the, ‘restraint of the modifications of mindstuff’ – or essentially clearing the mind of thought and reaching a meditative state. One thing when learning meditate is that this ‘state’ may only be fleeting on occasions.

To complete the summer of challenges (not a conscious goal) I entered the Maidenhead half marathon- again with the hope that friends may join me. Much like the swimming in June, I found myself on the starting line alone – again. More time for inward reflection.

Like the day of the swim it was another gloriously sunny day. Unlike the swim, my preparation had not quite gone to plan. A few longer runs were not going to provide the ‘legs’ needed to find the event comfortable. Despite the company of a new found running buddy that provided a welcome distraction for the first 6 miles, it was going to be hard day on the road. Rounding onto the second loop of the half marathon, I realised that it was going to take the most of my inward reflection to help get me through the rest of the distance. It wasn’t pretty but brief moments of reflection (I cant quite say I reached the meditative state) helped me get through a few of the tougher miles.

Sometimes you have good days (the swim) and sometimes there are hard days (the run) – both are experiences none the less.

Who knows – perhaps I may find someone to share an event with at some point soon…
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