Lockdown #2 – Free yoga videos online

So lockdown has started again and we are establishing new routines working from home.

Free online yoga classes and HIIT workouts

Shannon and I thought we’d share a few free yoga classes that may help you through the next month.

We’ve included some short yoga classes from 5 minutes long to a 30 minute vinyasa flow class, as well as a yoga for kids session too. For those that want a to get the heart rate up you can join a hiit workout.

You can view the free yoga classes and exercise sessions here.

We hope you enjoy the classes and they help keep you and the family active.

At this time, it’s equally important not only to keep physcially active but also look after your own mental health. Yoga can help deal with stress and anxiety as you switch off from your daily life and focus on movement, breathing and your focus.

Let us know how you find our classes and if we can help you in anyway.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your business offering corporate yoga with either exclusive live-streamed yoga classes or unlimited access to our  yoga video online library of vinyasa flow, yin yoga  and HIIT training sessions.

Yoga videos online

We now have over 375 recorded classes as part of on demand classess as well as specialist programmes such yoga for children, yoga for beginners as well as our ski fitness programme.

Get in touch to find out more.

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