Helpful tips in lockdown – corporate yoga classes online?

Once again we are heading into #lockdown and are having to adapt to #workingfromhome.

I fear this time round #wfh may feel tougher in light of the shorter days and the ongoing uncertainty.

What did you learn from last time that will help you get into a good #workingfromhomelife routine?

5 Tips for help get through lockdown 

1. Get into a good morning routine to help set the day up.

2. Keep moving – working on the PC I became more aware of the importance of keeping moving, mixing up the working posture. Maybe try some desk yoga throughout the day.

3. A change of scene – lunchtime exercise in the open air was important for a change in scenery. A run in the wind and rain can be invigorating!

4. Maybe take a ‘mindful walk’ without the phone so you can take in the fresh air and see the sky / clouds. We don’t all live in the countryside so looking up can help connect us with nature and the environment we live in.

5. It’s good to talk (and listen) – hopefully we all have friends, family or colleagues we can speak to for support without judgement.

Do Yoga At Home

Yoga online, live or recorded, with YogaTonic UK provides you with a cost effective and scaleable option with plenty of choice and flexibility.

We are continuing to offer regular live online yoga classes streamed througout the week, along with over 375  yoga videos online for people / colleagues to watch in their own time.

Supporting Your Colleagues

Working from home is becoming a part of our working life, with colleagues working around the country. Corporate yoga online has the benefit of encouraging people to keep physically active whilst also supporting their mental health, wherever they are based.

Over the last few months we have been asked to support businesses, of all sizes, in giving access to our yoga classes, HIIT workouts and yoga for kids.

With different work schedules, family situations, shift work and available space it isn’t always possible to make a class at a set time each week.

As a family-run business, we are familiar with trying to balance work with family life during lockdown.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your business with either exclusive live-streamed classes or unlimited access to our library of vinyasa flow, yin yoga  and HIIT training sessions. Get in touch to find out more.

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