Running for charity
December Daily Dash

We love doing challenges and we love running. The December Daily Dash is a bigger challenge that it appears. Why?

  • You challenge yourself to run 5K every day in December (even Christmas day!)
  • It’s in December in the UK and it’s 31 chillier days
  • To fit it in, you may find yourself running in the dark
  • You have to run every day (but this year, you can walk, but as a runner, I need to commit to run)

What will you gain from doing the dash?

  • You become a strong runner (or walker), physically and mentally
  • You are a part of a strong community going through the same challenge
  • It is a healthy, safe way to meet up with a friend (especially in the dark)
  • This is for an amazing charity, Sue Ryder, which makes it worthwhile.

Now more than ever, the charities need our help. And this year we are raising money through selling our Yoga for Runners packages (we give 50% to Sue Ryder). We are also raising money through Just Giving.

Yoga for Runners Package

Purchase a one-off runners yoga package
(25 videos)


Every runners package we sell,
we will donate £10 to Sue Ryder

The classes focus on yoga stretches for runners; building a stronger core, ankles and feet whilst also bringing  greater strength and flexibility to the glutes, hip flexors, quads, calves and hamstrings. With improved range of motion we hope you will benefit from running more easily and injury free.

Runners participating in the 5K December Daily Dash can all benefit from a selection of the best yoga videos. For example, trail runners would benefit from a focus on balance and core strength to help stability as they run over uneven ground. Details of package below.

Another way to support the December Daily Dash

We will be raising £1000 for Sue Ryder, both through our video package sales and through our own fundraising. If you’d like to support the charity without the yoga, you can donate in the box to the right.

About Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder supports people through the most difficult times of their lives. Whether that’s a terminal illness, the loss of a loved one or a neurological condition – we’re there when it matters, helping people live the best life they possibly can.

To answer your question “What is in the runners package?”

Our yoga course for runners includes:

  • Vinyasa flow yoga and Yin yoga classes
  • 25 videos comprised of
    • 10 short videos (great for pre and post run!)
    • 6 x 30 minute videos
    • 6 x 1 hour videos
    • 3 x 1 hour yin yoga
  • Pre and post run yoga sequences to stretch the body out
  • Strength videos to target the muscles needed for running
  • Yoga classes range from 5 – 60 minutes

The selection of online yoga classes are led by either Tim or Shannon, helping to show the benefits that yoga can have for both men and women

If you are interested in buying this package, please do so from this DDD page only. We can only track orders from this page in order to give the £10 donation for each order.

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