Why All Runners Should Consider Doing Yoga

Would you rather squeeze in another interval session, hill set or long run into your weekly running programme to help you get faster or join a yoga class?

Sometimes, less can be more.

The telling quote, by author and trail runner, Laura Schwecherl, of the article is – ‘When I started doing yoga more regularly (3-4 times a week) I simultaneously became stronger and faster. I’m not sure yoga can take all the credit but it can take some.’

Reading the article on self.com provides a few reasons why yoga can support athletes in getting quicker….

  1. Strengthen muscle groups that are neglected when you run
  2. Helps to increase range of motion and avoid injury
  3. Learn to breath mindfully
  4. Trains the mind to remain focused

Having juggled training programmes for triathlons, marathons, ultra marathons, swimruns and longer open water events it is easy to undervalue the contribution that yoga can make in supporting your training. Hopefully the article will help you to make the transition to viewing yoga as an integral part of your programme that you are comfortable dedicating time to.

Your yoga practise can be used a part of your recovery day. If you are doing it with fellow athletes please remember that yoga is not a competitive activity.

Who knows – you may even enjoy it!

From left to right: Men 1, 3, 4 have done yoga. Man 2 refuses. Man 5 has under duress. Men 1, 3, 4 haven’t been injured since we have known them 🙂 

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