Yoga For Runners –
There’s more to it

There’s is so much more to running than running…

There’s so many things to love about this photo (and a few that are less good)….you’ll have to scroll down to see the full photo. (I’d love to think this was a cunning marketing ploy for people to stay on the page more – but unfortunately it’s more about my web and photoshop skills or lack thereof).

Yes running is initially about getting some exercise to get / stay active and healthy. But there is so much more you can get from it.

Since leaving Uni back in the 90’s, running has been a big part of my life. I’m not particularly quick but enjoy it – the longer runs / events more so. Perhaps back then, as a runner some yoga would have helped.

Getting into long runs takes time – a bit like starting yoga as a beginner, or making sure you go to regular yoga classes at a local yoga studio or joining online yoga classes.

At the start, in my mind, people do yoga and go for runs for the physcial health benefits – feeling stronger, getting fitter or losing weight. All of which are more ‘visible.’ Personally, I think it’s the invisible stuff where I have benefited most – the mental health side of things. Though, in this case I think there is a subtle difference.

When running by myself, I am able let my thoughts run wild and sometimes they go full circle -other times they run away with themselves. In one way, it’s quite meditative. (I don’t run with music – but that’s my choice). From a yoga perspective the aim is to be present, focus on breathing (pranayama), gaze (drishti), yoga poses (asanas) and clear the mind of thoughts when in Savasana. Either way, I end up feeling better for the run or the yoga class.

Sorry – back to the photo (guess my mind was running wild then…)


Starting with the positives….

1. An early morning run is an awesome way to start the day

2. The coldness helps wake you up and invigorates you!

3. What a beautiful sunrise

4. The flooding of the Thames seems to be coming down a bit

5. Running on the frosty ground feels easier than the heavy mud

6. Great to be able to combine exercise with catching up with a great mate

7. The beanie reminds of the December Daily Dash when we raised money for Sue Ryder Hospice (I’d like to think I have maintained the habit of regular runs)

8. It’s good to tire the dogs out first thing (though you can’t see them)

The negatives…..

1. Dark eyes with bags – not a great look

2. It takes a while for the chat to warm up – thanks for your patience running partner

Yoga for Runners

Anyway – if running gives you more positives than negatives and it’s important to stay fit, healthy and injury free, as well as helping your mental health you may be interested in our Yoga for Runners Package.

We have created the package to help athletes to stay injury free, improve recovery, enhance your strength and stability, maintain your concentration and run better! A stronger core will help your alignment whilst running, whilst also help relieve any back pains you may have.

With 25 videos from 5 to 60 minutes our package will help keep running – whatever the weather, whatever the reason for only £19.99.

Best of luck with the race, event or challenge you are training for. 

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