Get SkiFit with yoga and cardio conditioning

Introducing a new way to get fit for the slopes this winter – get Ski Fit with Yoga Tonic UK, a unique 6 week programme offering streamed videos including yoga, cardio conditioning and meditation.

The programme offers over 6 hours of guided instruction that can be streamed not only anytime, but any number of times.

As our local students will know, we run regular fitness and yoga classes at the homegrown YogaTonic UK HQ based in Cookham, Berkshire and launch this new online resource for training ahead of the winter snowsports season.

Based on our mutual love for skiing, we have developed a new method to help prevent injury on the slopes this winter. Launching a NEW set of six weekly fitness videos, including cardio, yoga and meditation, we guide users through their paces over this specialised online course.

We believe that it’s the combination of cardio conditioning, yoga and meditation that makes the package new and unique. At our core, we believe that mental strength is as important as physical strength. We view skiing as any other sport; very few people enter a triathlon without training for it, therefore it seems natural that people would want to prepare for their holiday in the mountains.

We wanted to create a specific programme, accessible from anywhere, for all levels of fitness and experience of yoga, which is tailored to skiers and snowboarders. This programme really is suitable for everyone – and no yoga experience is necessary. At any point, we encourage participants to take a rest if they need to, listen to their body and return to the programme when they are ready.

“Ultimately, we want people to enjoy their time in the mountains; whatever sport they are doing: skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing or walking. Improving levels of fitness, enhancing balance and concentration will not only mean that people can do as much (or as little) as they want to do, but also improve the likelihood of returning home injury free.

Key benefits of the programme include:

  • Strengthening legs, core and back allowing for pain-free days on the slopes
  • Learn pre and post ski stretching to prevent muscular aches and strains
  • Build confidence

Ski with confidence this winter season, by following the weekly SkiFit sessions; 30 minutes of cardio conditioning work, 30 minutes yoga, finishing with a 5-10 minute meditation session. With 3 separate sessions each week, we believe you can fit in each one at a time that is convenient to you. Of course, you can repeat any of the sessions whenever you want to hone that particular area. There are 18 videos in total. They can be streamed multiple times with no expiry date. Though it is a 6 week programme, it can be done at any pace.

Cost: Purchase the six-week course for £39.99. Individual videos can be purchased for £2.99 each.


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