The Mighty Sun Salute

In Vinyasa Flow yoga, the Sun Salutation is frequently used for many reasons:

  • It warms you up and gets you breathing
  • You stretch and strengthen several muscles at once
  • Different poses can be smoothly integrated (the ‘flow’ bit)

For those who would like to remember this sequence quickly, here it is a quick version:

  1. Stand (grounding feet)
  2. Arms over head (reach high)
  3. Bend forward (bend knees if needed)
  4. Hands on ground, walk back to Plank
  5. Upward dog (squeeze glutes, push chest forward)
  6. Downward dog (push bum to sky)
  7. Step/jump feet to front of mat to meet hands
  8. Bend forward
  9. Arms over head
  10. Stand


  • Try to do 3 – 5 when you wake up
  • Focus on the breath (inhale and exhale through nose)
  • Draw in your lower belly, supporting lower back

I can give more explanation but many of my students would like a quick way to remember this sequence.

Thanks to my lovely model, Tim, doing the salutations in Cornwall in the misty sunlight.

The Mighty Sun Salute
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