School uses yoga to help calm kids (USA)

The program of ‘yoga calm, ‘ introduced by two teachers, integrates both mindfulness and movement into each day of the students life in a school in Oregan (USA);

The students are guided into learning how to manage both their mind and body together – acknowledging that the two are intrinsically linked. The aspiration is indeed admirable, as not only will it benefit the student in the class but also, ‘give them the tools….for a lifetime of health.’

At YogaTonic UK we offer kids yoga workshops in the holidays and regularly host parent / kid half day retreats. We find that combining physical movement, with breathing and introducing calmness is undoubtedly rewarding, but also a beneficial experience for students and teachers alike.

Perhaps the thing I like most about the article is not the story but the URL of the article – which is something we could remind ourselves every day.

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