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30 Day Challenge

Who needs a challenge to get started? We do!

There are many valid reasons not to prioritise our own fitness. There are important things that must be done like working, food, shelter, and admin but your own wellbeing often is the last thing. We are often too tired to do any form of healthy exercise. But lack of exercise can make you feel tired.

It doesn’t need to be really hard!

The idea is to form better habits, slowly. Perhaps just doing 5 sun salutations a day in January is enough to kick start your day!

We’d like to offer an easy way to start a healthy routine. Try some of our yoga and HIIT classes. Or you can mix it up with your own cardio / strength activities and enjoy our yoga, HIIT and meditation classes at a leisurely pace.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves. The key elements to fitness cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. Our package offers all of this, with a side of meditation!

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The challenge

Do one fitness or wellbeing activity per day, for 30 days. 

You get to choose what you do each day. Do you want to do a cardio session or strength? Does your body need a rest? Do a stretching session. If you don’t feel like changing into training or yoga kit today, take 5-10 minutes out to meditate. Just try one thing for yourself.

This all counts towards your daily goal. We will provide a sheet for you to record your progress. We hope to put this into an app at some stage but let’s try this challenge first!

Example schedule for someone getting back into shape

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What is in this package?

  • 4 meditation videos (10 minutes each): This will introduce you to meditation and give you the tools to meditate on your own
  • 5 shorter yoga videos (15 minutes each): This can be used after cardio OR on a day you have little time to do yoga. 
  • 8 yoga videos (30 minutes each): Strength and stretchy ones
  • 5 shorter HIIT videos (5 minutes each): Try a HIIT challenge 5 exercises, 5 minutes, 5 days
  • 4 HIIT videos (30 minutes each): We have included 2 cardio HIIT and 2 strength HIIT
  • Extra yoga videos: We have included 4 longer yoga classes (2 x 45 mins and 2 x 1 hour). Just watch part of them if you are short on time.
  • Yoga resources: Yoga pose guide and a helpful guide to yoga terms

Benefits of this programme

  • Enjoy the privacy doing yoga or HIIT at home
  • Choose your own cardio: Fast walking, hill walking, running, cycling OR Tim’s HIIT – it’s up to you
  • Unlimited access videos in this package
  • Replay classes you particularly enjoy or find challenging
  • Challenge yourself to try something new
  • Get back into good habits
  • Give yourself credit for starting a healthy activity (even if you start, you have made progress)
  • Learn more about yoga with our yoga pose guide
  • Learn meditation skills that are invaluable to overall confidence
  • Kick start your path to losing weight and toning your body
  • Emails we send will have helpful lifestyle tips
  • Prepares you for other challenges such as the December Daily Dash

30 day challenge package

A variety of videos to choose from (30 videos plus resources)

£19.99 for package

This package is free for our monthly subscribers