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We also have a strong streaming community of our 15 classes a week. But if our times don’t suit you, we film our classes. We will continue live streaming after “lock down” so if you live outside our area, you can continue to join us!

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Yoga (30 minutes)

This class will open your entire body up and strengthen lower back and core – open body, open mind! Enjoy the birds chirping on our deck. 

Kids yoga (30 minutes)

Let’s go to USA, Russia, Australia and Brazil today. It will be a fun adventure of seeing some of the countries famous structures, animals and dances.

Cardio HIIT (30 minutes)

2 sets of 6 exercises for 1 minute plus a shorter set of 30s per exercise. You’ll have a good session and feel ready to take on the day.

Quick cardio (5 minutes)

This is one of our SkiFit cardio videos. 5 exercises for 5 minutes.

Quick Yoga (7 minutes)

A few minutes of yoga is better than none at all. Wake up the body here.

Quick stretch (6 minutes)

Post ski: Loosen up hamstrings and open tight shoulders