Sun Salutation Challenge

Could you do 5 Sun Salutations a day for 30 days?

Here is a series of different Sun Salutations, each video walking you through 5. This is intended to wake up your body and mind. It’s also meant to be habit forming. Just 10 minutes of yoga per day can make a difference to your overall strength and flexibility.

Day 1: Amended Sun Salutations (8 mins)

This first set will walk you through Sun Salutation A. This sequence has been amended for those who are new to yoga, or do not feel comfortable doing Plank (or Chaturanga). This moves you directly into Downward Dog. 

Day 2: Sun Salutation A (10 mins)

We are doing this set in the bedroom, as I wanted to show that you can just roll out of bed and do a bit of yoga. Modifications are great: Go onto your knees in Plank pose or choose from Cobra or Upward dog, whatever suits you.

Day 3: Sun Salutation A (11 mins)

Despite it being January, we had a quick moment of sun, so it was time to salute it directly! This sequence still covers the basics but will be enjoyed by beginners and experienced, as we are here to observe each movement…

Day 4: Headless Sun Salutations (10 mins)

This is day 4, I had to rush in after Tim’s class with the Facebook Live video on my phone and I positioned the GoPro camera too close – oops. How many months have we been filming? All of these salutations are with upward dog but please do cobra if needed.

Day 5: Sun Salutations – Facebook Live recording (10 mins)

Tim does different 3 legged dog variations to make this session stronger. It’s quicker and assumes you have sun salutation knowledge. Chaturanga = low plank

Day 6: Sun Salutations and low lunges (10 mins)

You can see evidence of us doing Facebook Live, as I have placed my phone carefully in front of the camera. No need for VC funding, professional recording studio and seasoned yoga models, we like to keep it real!

Day 7: Sun Salutations with Warrior 2 (11 mins)

Max joins us this morning for our challenge. He often gets a choice for doing some extra school work or yoga… luckily he chooses yoga!

Day 8: Sun Salutation Challenge Warrior 1

Matching Tim and Shannon enjoy an energising 5 rounds of Sun Salutations with some Warrior 1 thrown in. Hope you enjoy it!

Day 9: Sun Salutation Challenge with Chair Pose

Tim does a theatrical closing of curtains when he realised the light wasn’t right in the living room. He adds some detail into chair pose, but still doing Sun Salutation A

Day 10: Sun Salutations in the hallway (9 mins)

Often it’s hard to find a place to squeeze in some yoga. It can be done anywhere. Here we are just doing 5 Sun Sal A’s without any other poses added.

Day 11: Sun Salutation with Missy – Facebook Live

Day 11 Sun Salutation Challenge. We do 2 x Sun Salutation A and 3 of the B version (involving Warrior 1 and more Chaturangas). This one really warms you up. Don’t worry about keeping up, just get the body moving. 

Day 12: Sun Salutations with Plank (10 mins)

This video shows 5 flowing Sun Salutation A’s with some planks added. Plank is more than upper body, it’s also core strength. So, draw up your belly button towards the spine to work on those deep abs!

Day 13: Sun Salutations Facebook Live


Day 14: Sun Salutation helping tight shoulders (11 mins)

This salutation sequence blends in some shoulder exercises. Also, Tim demonstrates in regular clothes to show that yoga can be done quickly without the fancy tight lycra.

Day 15: Sun Salutations  (10 mins)


Day 16: Sun Salutations


Day 17: Sun Salutation with distractions (7 mins)

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to do yoga that’s free of distraction…

Day 18: Sun Salutations Facebook Live (11 mins)

I hadn’t realised that Tim wanted me to teach this one. I wasn’t even in yoga kit – I was in my internal lounge wear, not for public consumption.

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