Zz_SkiFit – Progressive Yoga

Our package of 6 SkiFit yoga videos will help you develop greater balance, flexibility and agility, as well and strength and endurance, ahead of your ski trip.

There are 6 sessions of 30 minutes each. You can enjoy the classes any time, as many times as you’d like. We have split the yoga sessions into a ‘blue’ or ‘red’ collections to help show the level of yoga that is being taught –  not whether you are a blue or red slope skier.

Our SkiFit yoga series of videos have been designed for all levels of yoga but meant for those who have done some yoga before or are feeling adventurous.

The sequences are deliberately meant to be more challenging than the yoga classes in our 6 week programme. We hope you enjoy them whilst also progressing with your yoga practice!

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Zz_SkiFit – Progressive Yoga

More strength and endurance yoga

Progress to the next yoga level

Benefits of the programme

Reduce the risk of getting injured by developing greater flexibility and agility
Make more of your time on the mountain with increase strength
Enjoy more challenging classes over time

This programme includes

6 classes - 3 hours of video
3 'Blue Level' yoga classes - 1 1/2 hours of video
3 'Red Level' yoga classes - 1 1/2 hours of video
Monthly SkiFit newsletter with resourceful information

This programme is

Great for both skiers and boarders
Open for all fitness levels
An option for people who want just SkiFit yoga
For those who want more challenging yoga sequences