Zz_SkiFit – Family Programme

Our Family SkiFit programme makes it easy and fun to get ready for the slopes with your children.

There are 3 x 30 minutes sessions to follow. Each session is divided into 4 sections – stretching warm up, cardio fitness, partner yoga followed by a shorter mindfulness session.

You can also use any of the sessions either as a pre skiing warm before getting on the slopes or a post skiing cool down to help prevent stiffness or soreness the next day.

Zz_SkiFit – Family Programme

Family SkiFit programme

Get ready for the mountains together

Benefits of the programme

Enjoy getting ready for the mountains together as a family
Target specific muscles needed for skiing
Improve endurance, allowing kids to feel stronger on the slopes
Fun to do for kids, teens, grown ups
Unlimited access - do as many times as you'd like

This programme includes

Yoga warm up stretches
Fun cardio conditioning
Partner yoga
Short mindfulness session
Monthly SkiFit newsletter with resourceful information

This programme if for

Skiers and snowboarders of any level
Families with kids in their tweens and teens but we think anyone over the age of 7 would benefit from these videos
Parents, grandparents, friends - anyone who wants to get fit and have fun
Zz_SkiFit – Family Programme